Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello Everyone.
I try to keep things simple if I can.

Samantha currently lives in the Penthouse in
She is the first tenant to rent inside this
old building.
Sam has never had the time to decorate
her apartment for quite a few reasons.

Needing a quick and cheap place to live,
the landlady offered to let her stay in
the 'Penthouse' while the second floor
apartment was being renovated. 
Of course Sam will have to contend
with the bathroom being outside
of the apartment.
However the landlady said that
eventually she will install bathrooms
in each apartment down the road.
It just is not in the cards yet for
her to do so.

So, Samantha lives in an old building
that is not even fixed up.
To make things worse she has recently
just lost her job!
The landlady will only let her
live here for a few weeks longer till
she comes up with some money.
I do hope Sam comes up with the rent

Samantha moved from Boston so she
could be near Mardi Gras.
She loves Mardi Gras and every year
she would travel from Boston to 
Louisiana on her vacation time
to spend a glorious week
here with some friends.

This apartment building is very close
to downtown. Perfect!
 Sam can walk anywhere that she wants.
Everything is in walking distance
to where she works.

See the state of the apartment. 
The front door is way back there
where the single window is.
You enter into this apartment thru the kitchen.
The floors will be nice once they are
laid down correctly.
And once the walls are painted the 
entire apartment will look really nice!
No bathroom space yet!

 The living area  and bedroom is really cute. 
I like this arrangement.
The bedroom is in the back - looks good, I think.

The kitchen is sweet with those 3 windows.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a table go the 
full length of those windows.
I will have to think about this and it might
take a while!
I am slow at putting my ideas to the test.

The windows are taped up so they do not fall.
I like to peep!

Looking in thru the 3 windows in the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by!