Monday, February 22, 2010

Apartment John Donovan or J.D. - Furniture in Apartment

John Donovan does not have much

In his apartment, there are
2 of these bookcases.
A brown leather book that I made.
The book  opens so that
you can put something in it. 
This resin chair looks good in J.D.s apartment.


Chair is made by Raine.

Another Raine resin chair.
J.D.s wooden trunk covered in leather.
The trunk opens.

J.D. bought this trunk at an antique store.
He does not mind the pink, since it is old.

Oooo a secret compartment!
The pink flowers is pretty.

This is the bed that I used in his
I have 2 of these.
But I have lost the
bedding throughout the years.

J.D. loves furniture like this.

J.D. loves this long coffee table.
I do not remember where I got this piece.

I love this pencil sharpener.
It is so ornate!
J.D. loves his old-fashioned typewriter!
I made these satchel bags back in 1995.

A chair in J.D.s study.
I covered the chair in a mans tie
that I bought back in 1995.
Another chair in J.D.s study.
This chair is also covered in a
mans tie.
J.D.s fireplace in the living area.
J.D.s grandfather clock.
A photo of J.D.s ancestor.

J.D.s briefcase and his man bag.
The briefcase is a brass metal.
I made the man bag.
I have had these 2 items since the early 90s.
Do not know where I got the brass metal briefcase from.
The briefcase opens up.
A little mirror used to be here.
I did not think that a briefcase
needed a mirror, so I removed it.
I do need to fix this for J.D.
Inside J.D.s man bag.
I glued on a mirror.
It is so old that the glue is starting to
yellow and look yucky.
That is a good thing.
This is the desk that I had the 90s.
I never liked this color.
I painted it brown.
All 3 of these fabrics were silk men's ties.
Am not sure how old these men's ties were
before I bought them and cut them up.
The inside fabric looked good on the backside
of the burgundy print.
I tried to co-ordinate all 3 fabrics.
The burgundy silk is used like a blanket.

I had to sew 2 sides together to get enough
fabric to make a blanket.
But when you turn it over, the seam is hidden.
Thank you for stopping by!