Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello everyone!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
I do appreciate it very much.
Another giveaway is coming soon. I hope
you have signed up!
I knew that when I was surfing the net and found
this cute, cute Halloween Bed Quilt, that I had
to get in touch with the sweet lady that had made
it. The quilt was made by her and her friends.
Lucky friends!! Boy, I would love to have this
quilt to display.
I am green with envy!! Anyway my witch said
she had to have it and we were thrilled that Steph
let me copy it to make a miniature.
If you want to see the fantastic job on this quilt,
just head on over to Steph's blog.
Steph - I sure do hope that you think that I did
your quilt proud!
Thank you so much for letting me use this image!
Here is the front of the little bed quilt - If the Shoe

 Here is the back. Its a good thing that Steph showed
it without any applique's on the front. It sure did
help me with the back.

 The bed that I started with was just a bed that I swapped
with Julie of Ryan's Miniatures. I love the green color.
So I made this blanket from baby pants to be
used as a bed cover. The baby pants was fuzzy and it
resembles the reel thing. So soft!!
The blanket and sheets were just an
off-white felt as are the 2 little felt pillows. I made
bed pillows inside the pillow shams. Still this was
not the look that I was after. And after much debate
I decided that I must paint the bed.

 Well, I decided that the bed just was not witchy
enough, so I painted the bed white and added
a picture off the net. The picture is so cute and
gave the bed an earthy feel, which is not what
I was after. The entire look was wrong.

 Here is a close-up of the photo on the
headboard. I glued it on at the back.

 Well, again as you can see I painted the bed black.
Then I added ribbon for a dust ruffle. Soon I
realized that I was getting there but the bedding
was all wrong and would have to removed.

 I found spider web fabric and reduced it in scale
and made sheets and a matching dust ruffle. Hey
baby - that's a what I like!

 Notice that the headboard changed to a spider web.
Am liking this even better at this stage of the

 Still, I like it!!

 All of it came together once I creased the sides
of the bed quilt with my fingers and placed it on
the bed.

 As you can see, I am working on my witch
apartment. Just a quick peek at how the
bed looks in the room.
The room keeps changing. Hope you like how
it is starting to take shape.
Thank you all for visiting me.
Mini hugs and kisses,