Monday, December 19, 2011

Need some Pink or Clear bowls?

I think its time for a manicure.
You will be amazed at how easy these bowls are to make. It
only takes a couple of seconds. They are in pink or blue.
I only have pink but I do need some blue.
These bowls are made from the Party Favors - Baby
Rattles. You can find them at thrift stores or online.
Ebay carries them and so does some Party stores.
Just google Baby Rattles. All kinds of them pop up.
But I only like these. I like these because of the simple
handle shapes.  You could probably find a use for
the little beads on the inside if you wanted to.
 Sorry that I do not have a photo for this step.
Refer to the above photo. Bu this is
how you do it. Just put your finger nail under the clear
side and pop out the little pink bowl.. Althought you do
have to keep in mind that mine are old. I am not sure
how easy it would be to take apart if they were new.
However I found that the bowl comes away easily.
Just be careful not to chip it.
 Now you are not finished yet. Do you need some
clear bowls. All you do here is take your finger nail and
put it close up to the edge of the clear bowl. Then snap off the
handle with your finger nail. It is that quick! All of these can be painted.
I like the faded pink color of these rattles. So I might
leave them like that.
I have alot of these little bowls so some of them will
get painted eventually.
A small package of 10 of these baby rattles will make
you 20 bowls.
I have not found a use for the little plastic handles yet.
Many hugs and kisses
by Conny


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