Monday, January 28, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - NEW TENANT

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the sweet comments. 
Am sure Lesley appreciated them.
Am glad to show her things cause it gives
me time to play and think with this Penthouse
on what I am doing.

In all actuality, this should be 
Apartment Penthouse #4 - cause
Apartment Penthouse #1 started and is
really with Samantha, she being the first
tenant to the Penthouse!!! 
I will go back and re-number these just so
I do not get confused!!!
(Right after this posting.)

With that being said, perhaps I should  bring in
another lady to occupy this space.
So I have decided that Lucille will find
another home.
In will come a new lady.
I need to find her. 

I do think that I am getting closer to what I am
looking for.
Am trying a few different things out right now.
But I really do have something else in mind.
Just must see how to achieve it.

I moved the bathroom and put it on the left side
of the apartment.
On this side, the bathroom is not as spacious as
it was on the other side.
I think because of the way the door opens up.
Not sure, just doesn't feel right either.
I also like the wallpaper and do not feel like
stripping it or wallpapering over it.
It is so girly and right now no men occupy any place
that I have.
Must be a community of women!!

Lucille with friend Ginger. 
Oops so sorry - Lucille not up to this!!
But it was the only pic that I took at the time.
But I am thinking about the bedroom 
will go here.
Also thinking that perhaps Lucille and friend
Ginger could be my problem.
Could be that they belong to a brothel??
Or perhaps need a roombox of a bedroom
suite for Lucille.
It could be that Lucille is what is causing my
problem here.
I do like feedback to see what others are thinking.

To the right is the front door.
To the left you see 2 pics beside bathroom door.

I moved the kitchen back to this spot that I
tried not to long ago. 
You can see into the bedroom.
Not sure if this will turn out but am willing
to take it a little further to see, before
I put in a lot of work that could be unnecessary.

Thank you for visiting me!