Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apartment #10 - The Taylor's Mini Sewing Machine Cover

Hello Everybody! 
I do hope that everyone is well.
I am still working on my apartment. I have to
dress my doll and make a few clothes. I should
not be much longer than a couple of more
weeks. However I am
making great strides with making some details
for this apartment.
All of my ladies that own a sewing machine
will be getting a different kind of cover. I am
still working on my witch apartment so she
will get a witchy cover.
In Apartment #10, the lady of the house has a sewing
machine. She does not sew that often,
hence the need for the cover so her
machine does not get dusty.
Since the colors of the apartment
are soft blues, pinks and
some white, the black color
of the sewing machine was not going to work.
Instead of painting the sewing machine, I opted for
a sweet little sewing machine cover. Nothing fancy
just a sweet shabby cover.
The front and the back are the same, so I only saw
the need to post one picture.

This is the side view. Both are the same.
See my sewing machine!!!
I have a few ideas for some different machine
covers. So I do intend on making a tutorial
to share with you after this apartment is
Thank you for visiting me and leaving
sweet comments!