Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your comments.
They are greatly appreciated.

Allergy season is here and the yellow
pollen is on everything!
It plays a big number on me!

I do love all of the ideas that you all
have given to me about this Penthouse.

I always try to keep things simple if I can.

I will be a while working on my Penthouse
so I thought I would for the next couple of 
weeks or so show you Lesley's things, while
I work on making walls.

I admire Lesley's little cabinet.
She gave me one of these cabinet kits and I must
think of what I will put in there.

Enjoy the pics as much as I have fun
looking at them especially when I take
pics of them!
No need for words as it is self explanatory.

Hope you had fun!
Stop in and visit again!