Sunday, August 8, 2010


'Petite Princess' beds
This is a very nice bed.
The beds I bought did not have any of
the nice wood on them that you see here.
Even this one is tearing apart.
Look at the gold edge at the bottom of the
bed - right side.
This bed does not have a headboard either.
Even the pillows look better than mine.
 This one does not look bad.
The bedcover looks nice, but the headboard
is soiled.
I bought 2
'Petite Princess' beds
on eBay, very cheap.
Of course, mine were in
But that was what I wanted.
One of my beds did not even
have a headboard like I show here
in this picture.

If you are going to tear
them apart like me, then buy the cheapest that
you can find.
Some of these ugly stained cheap bed
covers really do smell.
Some of it is rotten, tears easily and will
fall apart.
Remember they were made in the 1960s. 
These are the beds that I bought.
The bed on the right had already lost its
gold trim.
No pillows, no headboard.
I turned one bed over so you could see the
plastic base that it was made out of.
The headboard is stained and has a hole in it.

Lace on the pillows were not pretty.

Thin pieces of foam are the mattresses.
I will see about removing them.
I will also try getting the glue off of the
plastic bases.
Am not sure if I want to use the headboard.

The gold rick-rack tore all apart.
The trim was okay.
I will keep these bedcovers as patterns.
Will not be keeping the bottom lace trim either.
I will finish these beds when I know who will
receive them.

Thank you for stopping by!