Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gifts - Given to me by Annette

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your lovely comments.
I met Annette Lloyd a tad over a year ago.
Look for her on facebook.
Gee, time flies!
We swapped - I dressed her witches.
Last month she sent me some very nice things
she had made.
THANK YOU - I just love them!!!
My witches will love them also!
Everything was packed inside of this
adorable box with the exception
of the large basket!!
Definitely, I have intentions of using
this outhouse!
It was a 6 inch high box!

Oooo the ghost is reading.

This little plant arrived broken, but I
was able to glue back on the piece.
You cannot even tell.
I believe her name was Amelia!

Amelia looks good!
Do not get too close to her or she will
eat you!

I sure do like Mandrakes!
Poor little fella also arrived with a broken stem.
Good thing my trusty glue fixed him.
He is just awesome!

Yep, glue works wonders.
Love it when I can fix something that
Sorry, for a little blur on the pic.

She sent me so many glass potion jars!
Must find a place for these!

These potion jars are my favorite!!
This is how I first met Annette.
I bought some jars like this (in a different color)
from her site on eBay.
These are so cute!!!

Ooo, I wonder what I can do with these skeleton
The middle one looks really scary!
I like those eyeballs too!!
They are a little big, candles they are, but
perhaps I can make them into a pair
of cool looking lamps.

I like these black pot and the smaller pitcher.
Love the faces with the open mouths!
Great eyes!!!
I hope you can see their noses!
The big one even has a lid.

Just another view.

All handmade by Annette.

Ooo see the little pitcher's handle.
Love handmade items.

I hope they do not bite anyone!

She made a large clay witch hat and a
smaller one!
Love these!

She made me a sweet sorting hat!
A side view!

A back view!

I needed some scrolls!

Ooo I do love this orange jar of
I wonder how Annette caught them!

Oooo some nice white candles with
black wicks.
These are the black-flame candles!

I sure did need a basket of eyeballs!!
I wonder who they belonged to?

A witch can never have enough
leather Spell Books.
This one is looking at me!
Encrusted with purple jewels.

And gold pages.


The basket is large and bewitching!
Made from twine.
Am not sure where to put him at, but I
am looking forward to placing him in
a scene.

Side view.



Thank you so much Annette for the things
you made and sent to me.
I love them all.
Thank you for visiting me!