Monday, March 25, 2019

'KATHI KUTI Doll with Room box #2' - by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone!!

Hope everyone is well.

Thank you for the sweet comments.

I thought I would give the Penthouse apartment
a little rest for about 2 weeks and then
try again. 
It gives me a chance to re-group and think of
something new.

In the meantime I thought you would love to see
another room box by Lesley Jacoby.

She has 2 room boxes with Kathi Kutti. 
The other one has already been posted and
this is the 2nd and the last one.

Hope you enjoy the pics!
I love this room box too!!!

Apparently it starts out with a book
called Tatterhood by Lauren Mills.
I have not read it yet but would like
Am sure it would adorable!

Here is a little excerpt of the book.
It is always good to read these.

Picture of Kathi Kutti doll.

This is on the back of the picture.
Here is the name and where they are
made at.
Am sure you can google her name and
her work will show up Pinterest.

Here is the little setting that Lesley put together
in a room box.
All 3 dolls reside here.
Lesley made the little cart.

Here is the little red haired doll!!
I just love her patches and all!!

Some of this is self explanatory.
Be sure to look at all of the detail in her
dress and her cape.

Isn't the birds nest so cute in her
Lovely details!!!

Even the stone looks great!

This doll is named Annette and made by
Sue Ann of Little Lovables

Ooo I had to show a close up of the
I love that detail!!

Hope you loved seeing this as much as
I did!!!

Thank you for visiting me!!