Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hello everyone! I thought that it
is time that I have my first giveaway.
I removed the mini's out of Elizabeth's apartment
to show you how beautiful this set is. Recently I have been
going through my miniatures and decided that I
could not use this set. My apartments are too small and
there are not any patio's in which to put this wicker set.
Permelia's patio is very small and this set is not
suitable for a witch.
I own 2 resin sets and I am still
contemplating about the other set. Both miniature sets are
beautiful.But here on this giveaway I am only
offering this one set, at least for now.
As I have stated the wicker set is made of resin. And it is highly
detailed as you can see from these pics. Also this set
is over 15 years old and was brand new when I bought
it. I have searched the internet and have not found it.
If you think that this is pretty in the pics (double click) - then you will
not believe how lovely it is in person. This set is in
mint condition. The colors are a pale peach with a
matching blue.
This giveaway starts now but only will be given away
when I have 150 followers.

 Lots of nice detail with the food.

My rules are simple.
1. You must be a followerer
2. You must leave a comment just to let me know
that you are interested in the item.
3. It is up to you if you post a link on your blog - it
is not required.

Good Luck!