Friday, July 18, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Apartment is finished!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog and thank you for
following me! Thank you for the
lovely comments.
I have been so busy. I have been
redecorating the Louisiana building for
some time now. I hope to finish it in the
next couple of months as long as my
creativity keeps flowing.
Sorry it has taken me so long, but I was not able
to get any good photos because of the horrible
weather! However, out of all the photos that
I was able to take (and I mean that I have taken
at least 300 pictures of this apartment), that these were the best
photos of them all. So please excuse some of
the pics that are a little out of focus.
Apartment #12 and all of these Studio Apartments
in this building all measure 10 inches wide X
20.5 inches long.
I took a lot of photos, so I hope you like
apartment #12.
This doll was given to me after the passing of Julie Ryan.
Her daughter Jolie sent her to me along with some
other things. This is a Heidi Ott doll. Thank you so
much Jolie.
So, everyone PLEASE MEET DIANA. She was
so happy when this apartment became
available. She had been wanting to move
in this building since it was being built. Moving in here made it so
that she could walk to work every day.
Popeye's is just a few doors away from where
she works as a Manager. Diana is a
single lady that works long hours.
INSIDE and take a look at her apartment.
She is going to be your Tour Guide.
Diana was given to me by a good friend
and miniaturist Julie Ryan.
The Kitchen is just steps away from the main door.
She still needs to go shopping on her next day off.
She will need groceries along with some more
kitchen items. Diana cross stitched the 'Home
Sweet Home' picture that hangs on the wall close to
the kitchen. She also made the apron that hangs
on the little rack. A matching dish towel hangs beside it.
Diana would have moved in sooner but the owner
had to paper that once bare wall.
The yellow kitchen came out of one of those plastic
dollhouses. It is just the right size. It is so bad that
I tore up that dollhouse trying to get this kitchen
out! It is just right for an apartment sized kitchen.
This is the sofa and chair that will be going into
Diana's apartment. The white rug is a doily. The
coffee table is actually a porcelain napkin holder.
The roses and the green color are just perfect in
this setting. It is topped with a compact mirror.
This pic taken just before the window was put in.
This is what the sofa looks like now. Diana has been
making some adjustments to the old sofa. The seat is covered
with 2 pieces of lace. They are merely tucked into
the cushion sides. Another lace is glued all around
the sofa. Diana made the 2 pillows that are
enhancing the sofa. She also made the book.
Here, you can see where the lace goes all
around the chair. Diana also made these 2 pillows.
Whew - she sure has been busy!
Here is a view from the bay window before
it was fixed by the owner. Diana was moving in,
at this time. I hope you enjoy looking
at the bathroom! Yep it looks so good a long that long
wall. The owner gave her a new shower, sink and
toilet. Hmmm time to go clothes shopping to fill
up that closet on the right. It kind a looks a little bare. Only
2 sweaters are hanging. She is going to put some
other stuff in the hat box. Diana loves to store
stuff in them.
Here is the bay window. This sure is a good place
to put some of her well loved books. I made these
6 books and also the books on the coffee table.
I glued a bead to the inside of the lamp and made
a skirt for the top of the shade. The brass looks
really good in the window.
Before moving in here,
Diana gave away 100 books that she had already
read. The light will come in handy while reading.
On the other side of the books sets an extra pillow.
To the right of the bay window is Diana's shelf. She
bought it at a thrift store. It cost her only $2.00.
Boy what a steal that was!! Now she can hang some
stuff and display some things. Her mother gave
her the pink picture as a house warming gift. This
was the perfect place to put it. The landlady frowns
if you put any nails in the walls. The lace curtains
are 100% cotton lace. These are beautiful!!!
Back to the bay window just to give you a better
view of it. The curtains make the space so dreamy!
After this photo was taken Diana moved the little
pink chair to beside the lace curtain. It fits much
better there. Diana keeps moving things around.
Diana placed 2 of her best decorating books and
set them on the coffee table/ eating table. She loves
Rachel Ashwell's decorating books. They are her
I hope you like her little sitting area. It is just the
right size for her.
Behind the pink chair is the wood screen. It hides
the toilet. Hanging are her white robe and her
pink nightgown. Pink nightgown was made by Nina
Corbellini. She does miniatures and sells on eBay.
Diana placed a coat rack which she only
hangs her purses and hats on it. This silk hat is one that
my sweet friend Marlene gave to me.
It is so pretty. I like seeing a peak of the
parquet flooring. The paper looks so real.
Diana put a hat box and a hat on top of the
shower. New ceiling lights were put in the kitchen
and over the bathroom sink. (the lights are simply
hanging on the ceiling by tacky wax. I might
electrify the building. NAH, won't happen.
Please excuse Diana, she is looking inside of her
closet thinking of what she needs.
Another view of the apartment.
I hope you like Diana's bed. Julie Ryan gave me this
bed and I just love it. The bed fits so nicely in
this tiny area. Diana took the skirt and the top
out of her closet and threw it onto the bed. It needs
to be folded and placed on a shelf above her sweaters.
She is sorting thru her things.
Here you can see the coat rack better. On it hangs
a few purses. The yellow heart with roses on it is
made of fabric and hangs from the doorknob on
the shelf. I made it as little as I could. It still looks
big hanging there.
Diana says that her closet is so bare. She needs to
go shopping!
Diana does not know what to hang on the other
doorknobs. Can you tell her what you would
hang on those knobs? She sure does need some
I hope you like the photos that are coming up.

I have had the hatbox for a long time. I do not
remember who sold it to me. A hat sets on top of it.
Here is the toilet. (this set does not have a seat or
lid. I think that the blue rim is suppose to resemble
a toilet seat). Anyway I like the blue color and the
blue rose on the back and did not have the heart
to put anything there. Felma's beautiful gown
that I won from her giveaway looks so good here.
I know you cannot see it but It is so pretty.

The dividing screen is actually a set of French doors
that the framing had broken. Not wanting to fix it
and needing a screen, I decided to put them together
to make a screen. I painted it brown along with a
little shelf. Glued on the shelf and added the same
lace curtain fabric to the backside. I love how it

Here is a close up of the cotton lace. It is beautiful!

I made the mat by the front door.
On top of the closet is an extra set of sheets and
pillow cases. I do not remember where I
got the box from. It was on a blog. I printed
out 2 of these cute boxes.
Inside the box is a full size quilt that Diana's mother gave
to her. Her grandmother made it and it is vintage.
I know that this photo did not take very well. But
this little quilt is so clear that you can see every
flower perfectly. By the way this pattern is called
Grandmother's Flower Garden. (in order to fit inside
this little box, the quilt is not backed or quilted, simply folded
in 3s to fit).
I hope you enjoyed your visit with Diana and me, and enjoyed
Apartment #12. When Diana gets new clothes
she will show them to you.

Have a nice evening!
Thank you for visiting me!