Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apartment #9 - Rachel's Apartment - WALLHOLDERS OR BAY WINDOWS

Hello Everyone!!
Thank you for your sweet comments. And a big
welcome to my new followers!!
I hope you all are well.
I want to show you what I bought from eBay. The lady that
sells these is very sweet. I bought 9 of these wall holders
from her.
When I saw them - they looked like very nice bay
windows to me.  Linda calls these wall holders.
Right now she has only 4 of these wall-holders left.
I suggest that you contact her because she will give you
a great deal on them. Tell her Conny from its a mini
life sent you.
I do intend to buy more of them once I use these up.
Linda's eBay name is: 814bergie and she has good
prices!!! Be sure to contact her and ask her about those
wall holders!!
Just click on her address and see what she is selling:
 This is what the wall holders look like.
This one has a pretty dark pink roof.
I have a few
that are a different color.
It does not matter to
me that the roof colors are different. Some
will look faded.
These are so cool.
They are already put together.
They are plastic. You can paint these or
not. I chose to leave it this color.
Notice how the side windows will have to
be put in. You can use plastic or plexi-glass
for the windows.
This is a side view of the wall holder.
Here is the inside view of the wall holder.
Be sure to mark your wall for the nail hole.
I plan on using tacky wax to
hold the wall
holder onto the exterior walls.
I want to be
able to remove them in case I want to redo
the inside.
I will let you know how that works.
I painted the inside all white.
And then I
glued in some wood look floor paper.
This is the package that my scissors
came in.
I have held onto this
package for at least a year wanting
to use this plastic.
For the plastic windows you
really want to use a box-like plastic
for the side windows.
You see how narrow this
box is. It is perfect!!
I cut cardboard so I could cover
these with the same wallpaper
that is on the walls in the apartment.

At this time I also cut cardboard
for the top of the windows.
Once you cut the windows out of the
plastic scissor box or a similar plastic
box that you have,
then just glue them
in on the inside.
See how the plastic
scissor box sides fix the problem of
folded plastic.
Once the windows are glued in place
and you have covered the cardboard.
Then glue the wallpaper cardboard pieces
into place.
Do not worry if you mess
up some, it will not be seen, unless you
place the bay window where it will
be seen.
No need for any trims on the
top, but if you wanted to, you could
trim the bottom.
I opted to keep mine simple.
Here you see where I added a piece
of lace just above the window.
I do
plan on putting side windows once
I put the window where it belongs.
I have other plans for what is going
into this bay window, but my next
bay window will have  a window
I am looking forward to
making that one.
Next week I hope to have the window
in place and a few other things done.

Thank you for visiting me!
Take care and mini hugs
to you all!