Friday, February 8, 2013

Ideal Petite Princess Vanity SHABBY CHIC!!

Thank you to my new followers.
I hope you and find ideas from my blog.
Thank you all for the lovely comments
that you have left me. You are all so sweet!!
Please bear with me as I have been sick again.
I thought that all was finished with shot but apparently not!
However I am still feeling
sickly with nausea and headache! But still I have managed
to finish this vanity that I wanted to show you.
Shabby Chic items are really stretched. You can go
all white, an off-white, ruffles or colors. As you can
see I have another apartment building and this apartment
on the top floor will be shabby! I will show you the
new building in another posting.
I am looking for colors other than white to mix with the
clean white walls. I need some perfumes and other
stuff to go on top of the vanity so I am looking to see
what I might have that will work.
 Sometimes ago I bought from the thrift shop a pair
of baby shorts that had sewn fabric pieces into a
shabby look. I feel in love with the muted colors.
However the shorts were tiny and so there was not
much fabric to work with. The little fabric I have left
I want to make a stool cover and make for a top for
the bed cover.So as you can see I stopped at the back
but it does not matter - this piece will be to the back of the
 I wanted to show you exactly what I had done first.
By the way this vanity was also cheap although I cannot
remember the price of it. I stripped off the smelly
skirt and threw it away. I painted the top white with
several coats to get the whiteness that I wanted.
Then I peeled off the stip of plastic on top of the
vanity to show the glue. I did not want an old look
to the vanity so I painted up to 10 coats of white
to hide the glue. The top is very shiny!
 The back was also painted with several coats to
match the front of the vanity.
 Then I dapped some pale pink paint on a paper towel
and wiped off the excess. Then I just wiped on some
pink to highlight the mirror frame. After that had dried
it was time to do the base. I cut the corrugated cardboard
(sizes are shown below), to the heighth that I wanted.
Then painted it white with 2 coats.
The back was painted also with 2 coats of white paint. 
 See the legs of the Petite Vanity inside the
cardboard. The legs help to stablize the vanity so
leave them in there.
 Here are the measurements I used for the cardboard.
you can use smaller but I would not recommend going
any higher than 2.5 inches in heighth.
 The circumference of the cardboard tube is about
10 inches. You can go smaller but do not go any
higher than this. Be sure to glue the overlapping
ends together once you have decided that 10 inches
will do.
This is all there was to making these vanity's. I still
have to make a stool to match. So I am not finished.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Love you all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daisy's Wig

I dont know how this happened. But when
I took off Daisy's hair it remained in that
position. It looked so cool that I thought
I should display it on top of her vanity.
I was thinking about painting the entire
face and head white but these days what I
think and what I actually do are 2 different
things in my head. One minute I would like
to have it in a white color and the next minute
I like the face. So many decisions to make.
Maybe I should take another head and paint
it white to see if I will like it.
 I still cannot believe that I have
an entire wig!
 This is what the inside looks like.
 To give the wig a good base I pulled out all
of the hair that belonged to this little miniature
doll head. I apologize for some of these
blurry pics.
 The doll head had a little stick that was
stuck to the end of it. So all I did was stick
it into a piece of cork and then glue on flat
pale pink ribbon.
by conny