Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Walls and Floor papers

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your sweet comments.
I hope all of you have been well.
I do not know how your weather
has been, but some days it is warm,
some days it is chilly.
What is the weather doing?
I wanted to give you an update
on the apartment. I hope you
like it so far.
I absolutely love this floor. It updates the apartment
and looks great. I have tried for so many days to
get a good photo but the lighting has been awful
here. So here it goes anyway. The right side of the
wall is papered to look like planks. I only use a
little glue at the top and bottom of the papers on
the walls. When I smoothed down the paper, I did
not realize that I did not smooth it down good
enough. The back wall is just plain white. A little
distraction it is.
I had to piece the floor together. It looks really great
against the wallpaper.  
Looking inside the window you can see the closet
that I put in beside the main door into the apartment.
A better view of the little closet.
This is paper that I used for the walls.
Floor paper
Thank you all for visiting me!