Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Apartment #5 - Paula Brooks aptmt - Black and White

Hello Everyone,
I am so sorry for not posting but so much
has been going on.
Well I will tell you what has happened
so far.
I will not bore you with details.
Do you know what Hemochromatosis is?
Yes, I have it.
So I have been giving my blood every 2 weeks.
It has not been easy
getting that almost black Jello blood
out of my veins.
The RN finally resorted
to a very large needle to go into my
vein the last time I was there.
And then
I went to give more blood and found out
that my hemoglobin and hemocrit was low.
Making me borderline anemic.
And mind you, since they first started
taking my blood, I have been sick. It
basically put my body in shock.
Finally they had to start giving me
To top it off. my 93 year old father died
last week.
So forgive me for not
posting an update with this apartment.
I finally got the windows and the door painted
white. I guess you are wondering what the
black thing is!
That is a surprise!
 It almost looks like a box is there. I like how it
looks like something is behind the box.
You are not seeing things. The bathroom wall
is painted black!!!!
The paint is still wet.
I hope to have this apartment finished in the
next couple of weeks.
Thank you for visiting me!