Saturday, August 4, 2018

GIFTS - Given to me by Detta - BABBETTE Feather Dusters!!

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is well!

Detta made me some Babbette's
feather dusters!
Thank you so much Detta!!!

These are so pretty!!

3 lovely Babbettes!
White, Purple and Pink!
She made these to stand on these long
toothpicks but neither of us liked it
on this very well.

She then made these individual stands to hold each
of them.
The bottoms are little flowers painted brown.

Here is a pink Babbette on the toothpick before
she made each individual stand.
The pink one is lovely!!!

The white Babbette looks so 
angelic, so serene!

She painted each toothpick the color of the
One of these dusters will be going in the B&B!
Again, thank you Detta!!
Thank you for stopping by!