Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - With this arrangement!

Hello Everyone!!
Hope this posting find you all well and
enjoying your miniatures!

I tried everyone's suggestions, but either
I did not have small enough items to use,
or things were too big for the space.
This is always my problem.

No telling how long it will take me to start
getting this apartment into shape.
I do like the kitchen in this spot!

Sorry ladies, I did forget to put a picture
of where I was playing in the kitchen.
Starting off in the kitchen with a photo or 2.

From other views the kitchen looks really
spacious, but truly I hope you can tell
from this picture that it isn't.

One of my porcelain dolls dressed in pink
(her backside) in the background.

It is hard to see, but I did add a chair
beside the sink with a few pots there.
You can see the bottom of the chair 
under the white shade. 
The only way to get the chaise in there
was to angle it in.
Which a table and chairs or a bar/island of
some sort could go in this area
But I would have to find one first and
have that vision for it before I order one.

Perhaps this is better picture with
the chair. 

You can blow up the kitchen from this
I should have taken another picture 
from the window to show you that the
chaise and the table are only a little 
fingernail width from each other.

The 3 dolls are still in here, must look
around for doll for this space.
This is where I put the dressing area.
The ladies are all talking about tonight's

There is lots of room behind the doll 
for this bed, but not Julie's bed.
Julie's bed is too big!
This bed is much smaller and I
accidentally broke it at the bottom
post (in the front), near the doll
at the window.
If miniatures do not stay put - they have
a big chance of getting broken!
Darn it!!
It was one of my favorite pieces.

View with the bed, bathroom and kitchen.
Room in the bedroom, dressing area.

Just a view from the window.
Funny how you can see things with a
camera and not with the naked eye.
I never noticed that the bathroom wall
with the door on it did not go flush 
with the windows.
It fit lots better on the other side of
the room.

Just as well as to take another view of
the dressing area over here where the
kitchen once was.
In a penthouse is the bedroom the first
thing you see?
Perhaps not.

Just thought I would show the doll
face as she is looking in the mirror.
This view from the window.

I took this view from the window looking
Lots of wasted space here!

Just peeking in!
I always like to peek in thru windows
after playing just to see if all looks

I don't think this room will stay like
this, so it is back to the drawing 

Thank you for visiting me!!