Sunday, May 20, 2018

GIFTS - Given to me by Detta - Mandrakes

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well at your home.
Thank you for your sweet comments!!
I was going to post on the 17th,
but remembered that it was
the anniversary of my daughter's
Have just now got around to doing it.
Detta sent me 2 mandrakes so I planted
Thank you Detta!!!
Had to make them look like they were
popping up out of the pot!
I wanted the dirt to look like it
was coming up in clumps.
I painted both pots black and used
dark brown clay.
I was not sure of how to do it, so just
did the best that I could to get the
idea of it.
Looks like potatoes but I love them!
Love their eyes and nose and their
branchy arms and hands!
This mandrake still has more dirt to push
out of the way cause he is a big one!
Where is he going to go to once he
gets out of that pot!!!

As you can see - I do not work
good with clay at all!!!

Do mandrakes bite you?

Here is the other one.
He is much smaller than the first one
I have shown!
I put pumpkin stickers around the bottom
of this potted mandrake.
He may be small but he is strong pushing
that dirt up!!

As you can tell - I really packed the
dirt up an around him!!

I packed the back of the pot with clay
so much that you can hardly see the
Sorry, this pic is a little blurry so do not
click on it.

I like this pic from the top!
His arms are free!

Boy - these mandrakes are messy!!
I did have fun playing with them though.
Must find a place to put them.
By the way - where do you put them at?
In a garden, on a table.

Thank you for stopping by!