Sunday, August 16, 2015

Apartment #5 - Paula Brooks aptmt - Shabby Floor

Hello Everybody!
I hope you all have been well and
are enjoying what is left of the
Trying to make each apartment different
is a chore!
Especially since all doors
are in the back of the building.
After this apartment is finished - I have more
Tutorials for some easy clothes.
So, look for these!
Please forgive me - I stay busy! I am always
doing and working on several projects at once.
And right now I am still
de-cluttering this sewing room,
doing miniatures and making pincushion
The pincushion dolls are on my other blog:
Isn't it amazing how quickly you can become
disorganized only after doing a few projects!
And how anything that was organized becomes
a mess really fast!
I have decided that apartment #5 is going to
have all white walls. It is a bold move in this
apartment building, since so far the
other apartments have lots of color.
Also I want
to bring in some touches of black here.
Well, we will see what happens, if I am able to
do it!
I have had these floors for eons or so it seems.
originally were a dark reddish look.
I never liked the color.
 It took 4 coats of white paint with a little
sanding in between each coat,
for the floor to look like this.
Afterwards, I brushed
on a little black to simulate some wear and tear
on the floors.
Notice that the floors are not glued in yet.
notice that the floor does not go to the entire
back wall. It is a little short.
Am sure I will not use this floor here.
The front door will be on the right side of this
apartment towards the right.
Thank you for visiting me!