Tuesday, March 29, 2011

APARTMENT WITCH PERMELIA - Damaged Furniture - Her Black Cabinet

Well, what do I call it!
'Kit bashing' or 'just plain damage'!
In this instance it was
'just plain damage'.

Abused, neglected - it was my fault
for not storing it away properly
in my attic.
I own 2 of these bookcases so it
was fortunate for me that
one did not break.
No biggy though - cause this
furniture was very cheap.

See the damage on top of the bookcase.

My intentions were to glue the bookcase
on top of the dresser.
Then attach these doors that I have
from another cabinet onto the
bookcase so some of the shelves
will hide and not collect so
much dust!
Sometimes not even the best intentions
always work.
Once I got to measuring, I found out
that the cabinet would be too high and
would not fit into the apartment.
I could have kept the dresser as it was
and just cut down the bookcase, but instead
I cut down the dresser.
Because if I kept the dresser as it was, am
sure it would look like a dresser
that had a bookcase sitting on top of it.

I cut away the 2 top drawer section of the
Then I re-attached the dresser top.
I glued the bookcase on top of the
I decided that the doors would not look good.
Then painted it all black!
I do not paint very well either, a skill
that I should learn to do better.
Problem is - is that I am always in a hurry.
Always something in my home life that
needs doing first.
Anyway, the damage on top of the bookcase
is hardly noticeable.

This piece just might get repainted
purple or red and go into my
witch cottage!
Thank you for stopping by!