Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apartment Samantha - Changing things around again!

Here I go again,
did-satisfied with the way
that the apartment was looking!
Changing things around again!!
Moving in anywhere can be
a stressful time.
Samantha does not even have
room for a tree, so she looked
through this Christmas box to see
if she wanted to keep anything
Nah, she decided this box could
go, so she donated it to a
thrift store.
Her bedroom boxes were full of
unused quilts.
Things she would never use.
She went through those also and decided
that she did not need any of those.
There were some lovely quilts in this
All of her beautiful quilts also got
donated to the thrift store.
After all she is trying to de-clutter her
All I can say is 'good luck to that' Sam!
With the boxes out of the way, it already
felt roomier!
I placed things in here but the only thing that
I am satisfied with is the mirror.
 Not even satisfied with what I have put in this
Just not sure yet.
Have decided that the picture frames will be
donated also.
Gee, I am really proud of Sam for
getting rid of some of this clutter!!
I believe that I should keep this area.
The table does look good in front of the window.
It looks good in this area even in the shady parts
of the day.
Even in the light, it is a happy area.
Took out the other rug, and put in this red doily.
It is much livelier!
I had a table but 2 of the legs broke, so I
decided to cut them all down and make a low
coffee table.
Like the drawer in the coffee table.
Love this look!!
Also took the red furniture out
and stuck this blue set in!
I like this look much better!!
Added some food on top.
Much better.
Time to watch a movie now.
The divider screen will be staying and I will
update that.
I moved the table and changed the sofa around.
Just trying to get a good feel for the room.
Sam is still in her purple dress.
She is looking over the situation.
Love the drawer!!
Remote controls need to go in there.
Just put this rug back underneath  to make sure.
The rug definitely has to go!
Must put back the red doily!!
Yes, this rug will be donated too!!
Wanted to make sure that the pillars should stay
Yes, they must be donated too!!
The table set does not look bad in the middle of the
 I have decided to keep this area like
this, at least for now.
I thought that I would show you the
inside of the shoe boxes.

A nice set of sheets are on the bottom right hand
side of the cabinet.
I just stuffed them in there.
There are 2 lace pillows that I made back in the
90s, that do not belong to any bedding.
I love the cotton lace that is on the pillows.
These 2 pillows are stuffed on the shelf
above the sheet set.
I made all of this stuff back in the 90s, with the
exception of the sheets.
They were bought from ebay sometime in 2009.
I believe that the pink hat is made of
But it is very deceiving once you put
it behind or underneath other items.
I made all of these other hats!
Stuffed them above the pillows.
Sam needs these hats! Must keep these.
This is a con-glomeration of
shoes that fill the left side of
the cabinet!
I made the boxes back in the 90s and filled
them with Barbie shoes!
Perhaps Sam could get rid of some of
these, but not right now, she said.

This pair of shoes were pink, but I painted
black on the toes, the heel and the
sides of the shoes.
Added some paper inside!
So cute and sophisticated!
I am sure the paint can be scratched off with you
But if you do not do that, then
it stays forever nice!
Sam said she is keeping this pair!
This pair is not bad either.
I cannot remember what color these
hi-heels were before I painted it
I gave the heels a black tip too.
Must add paper!
Sam is keeping this pair too!
This pair is blue. All I did was paint the soles
Some Barbie shoes are little. This pair is.
Add paper.
Sam is keeping these also.
She has 2 pairs of white sneakers!
You never know when you might
need white!
Besides that, she caught them on sale.
She is definitely keeping these.
This small pair of pink shoes is also
made of plastic.
Again, I merely painted the soles
Add paper!

 This was a slip that I made back in the 90s
from some embroidered lace that I bought
from a fabric store.
Take a piece and stitch up the back - done!

I decided to change the inside of this cabinet
I do not know if the items will stay here or
not. But it looks cute.
Am sure I will take this all out again!
I made all of the totes on the top shelf.
They were so easy.
The pattern is called 'Petite Sacs'.
I loved making them and could hardly
I made the box back in the 90s also.
Inside the box is red ribbon and
some stockings.
The bottom shelf is just some
folded fabric.
A dress hangs from an ugly
clothes hanger that I made!!
Navy dress is small enough to fit
a doll.
Samantha can wear this!
Another Petite Sac that I made from
a paper towel and plastic hangs on the
closet doorknob!
Here they are again.
On the 2nd shelf - are some pink embroidered
ribbon with lace on them.
They are folded up to resemble corsets.
3 of them folded here.
A purple purse, necklace and a little bead
to look like a container are on the same
I glued up a shelf between the windows
to hang up the gowns and their
matching hats.

 It works!
I kind of got carried away!!!
I started hanging the clothes up on the right side
Started on the right side now!
Gee, I kind of like this, but it does look messy!
No light coming in.
But hey, a girl must have a place to hang her clothes!!
Thanks for stopping by!