Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - Pushing Furniture Around Again!

I am just the kind of person that
if the apartment does not feel
right for the doll, then something needs
or has to change.
It has to come together - fit somehow.
Have been thinking about wallpaper.
Lets hope that this apartment does not
change again, or might never finish it!
Definitely the floor must go - this time for sure!
I do like having loads of furniture in the room.
But something is not working here!
The entrance door is to the left of the window.
So perhaps that is where the door belongs.
The kitchen against one wall is great!
It allows for more room, however what is
bad now, is that the door to get into the apartment
is behind the kitchen - that's no good!!
Must change things around again!
Thanks for stopping by!