Sunday, December 8, 2013



Sometimes I never know what to
say when I post. Anyway I must
tell you thank you for the
sweet comments that you leave.
And for all of those that are
new to my blog. BE SURE TO

I don't know about you, but
there is always so much on my
plate of projects to do.
Mini projects that
need finishing and more 'wanna do's'.
Let me tell you, my house is in an uproar.
My living room is moving as well as many of
my other rooms.
Trying to stretch my little house!
I get rid of things and
accumulate more. It is never ending.
On my remake blog, I hope to start back on
some of my quilting. My 2 sisters have
asked for quilts again. So I must go into
my stash of quilt tops and find them one,
or let them pick one out.
Too late to hand quilt
them so I must tie them together. When
I hand quilt, it takes me months to finish
the hand quilting. My white quilt took
me an entire year to complete.
So I do not know when I can get around
to making them a quilt.
In one of my mini apartments, there will be an
old lady in one of them that just sits and
makes quilts all day. I do not know
how long that will take me
to do that. 


This is the last of the mini-strip quilts until I
can get more little scraps together. Which is
not hard to do - just got to find them.
So now - break out with the cutting mat
and the rotary cutter and lets make this tiny
strip quilt. It is basically a large
LOG CABIN BLOCK with a couple of
All Lights should be on 2 sides
ALL Darks should be on 2 sides.
If you notice on my quilt - where the light
side is - there is a dark strip. 
And on the dark side beside the center
red block - there is a light strip where
there should be a dark strip.
I USE WHAT I HAVE so sometimes
things get changed.


As you can see there are 11 colors here.
Each strip is about an inch wide to 6 inches long.
You can make each strip wider if you want.
The red square is 2X2 inches.
A big square for the mini people!
Be sure to make the strips wider or narrower.
The choice is yours.

Decide what size you want.
This little bed
is smaller than many of my other beds.
So, my little
mini-strip quilt is only a mere 6X6 inch square.
Make it bigger or smaller - your choice.
Second - 
Separate your strips into
piles of light and dark.
I started with the light fabric.
Cut your red square the size you want.
To start - with right sides together,
place a light strip to the edge of the red square.
Stitch together. Cut off remaining strip.
With the same light strip, again
place right sides together against the strip
you just sewed and the red square.
Stitch together and 
cut off the remaining strip.
Repeat with the dark strips.
Repeat with the light strips.
Continue in this order till the little strips are finished.
If you need a reference - just look at the quilt!

Each side holds 4 strips of light and dark.
When you finish, then cut a wider strip
and stitch on each side for a border.
My borders are wide.
My Quilt Top is Now Done!

My quilt backings are white THIN cotton.
I get this cotton fabric from
the inside of skirts and dresses.

Now, cut your thin backing fabric about 2 inches larger
than the quilt top.
For batting the quilt - use 2 sheets of 'Bounce' 
dryer sheets placed side by side
or do not use any batting.
Place the quilt top on top of the fabric backing.
Finger press it.
I pinned the red square in the middle.
Then I hand stitched around the square through
to the backside. 
Zoom in to see the stitches.
I quilted in the middle of each strips going round
like a box shape.
Quilt each border any way you want.

If you do not want to hand-stitch
- then TIE it with floss.
- or machine-stitch it 
Your choice.

Quilting is finished.
My backing edging are turned to the front of this quilt top.
Be sure to turn under
a small hem and then hand-stitch down.
Also make sure that you trim away any of
the excess backing fabric cause you do 
not want or need to big of any hem on top.

Side view
Zoom in to see the quilting lines.

This is the back.
I hope you are making your mini people some
bed quilts.
It is going to be a cold winter this year and
we do not want them to get cold.
Many mini blessings to each and every one of you.
May God keep you safe and out of harms way!