Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miniature Dollhouse Books

In 1995 and 1996, I frequented our local
library looking for miniature patterns.
I must say there are some very nice
miniature books on the subject from
various artists.
Miniature magazines are also a wonderful
source of patterns.
Gee, 10 years has passed by quick enough.
I cannot remember everything that
has happened in those years.
In the year of 2009, almost every month I
bought a miniature dollhouse book.
Until I collected up to 9 books that year!
Looking for patterns!
Some of these books, did not have any patterns in them
at all, merely just showing
Although they were great books and I loved
viewing the dollhouses
and reading the material.
This was not what I wanted.
What I wanted was
Patterns, patterns and more patterns!
Below are 6 of the miniature dollhouse
books that I collected that year.
Below them are some miniature magazines.
See, I was on a mission!
Back in 1995-96 at the library I came across
a pattern and I made a suitcase.
I have been desperately hunting for it so
I can make me some more.
I never copied that pattern from the library book
and I did not even write down my source
so I could go back to you.
Back then so much was going on in my life,
raising my 2 girls, grandchildren came.
A new life was coming my way.
And I found it hard to keep up, but somehow
I squeezed college in again, among other
things and still found time to play
with my miniatures.

Thanks for stopping by!

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