Saturday, October 31, 2009

CHRISTMAS - Christmas Tree Fairies

I bought these Christmas
Tree Fairies while visiting my
sister one year.
Back home we went to a
Goodwill store.
I found these.
There were 5 of them, but somehow
I lost the other one.
These Fairies are 5 inches high
making them perfect for a Christmas
As of yet I do not know where
I will use them at.
But I do look forward to one
day making a scene with them.
I wonder if I should give them
I forgot to take pics of the last
fairy. Very close to the first one.
So sweet!
Fairy #1
Sweet slippers look to be hand painted.
Cute stars and outfit.
Love the wings.
Burgundy bloomers.
Fairy back.
Burgundy hand painted slippers.
Fairy #2
Red outfit.
Wings have a red bead.
Outfit has sequins.
Numerous beads around the neck.
Red hand painted slippers.
Red bloomers and red hand painted
Lovely wings and clothing.
Fairy #3
Dressed in red and green.
Red velvet fabric.
Red sequin necklace.
Red bloomers.
Red hand painted slippers.
Green trim does not meet at the
back. But that is okay.
Thanks for stopping by!

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