Monday, January 17, 2011

Louisana Apartments

I own 2 of these buildings. The other one
I will show you later.
This first building is located 'somewhere
in Louisana'. It's a place that I
have never visited & it exists only in my mind. I
hope that by the time I finish it - that it will look
like an old run-down apartment building. It would
be nice if I were the kind of person that - could own
one of those beautiful settings that I see posted. (But
I am not a perfectionists at what I do).
Such lovely work comes from those artists. But however
I am the person that loves 'Life's mix-ups'!
I love the chips, the rips, the very worn - all of this
which shows an individual personality.
Real life is seldom perfect so why should these little
people have it so good! What I cannot make
I have to buy.
Be a 'peeking tom' & take a sneak peak into those
windows. Double click the pics.

Its a tall building & takes up alot
of space - but then again so does
a large dollhouse!

I am messy - need to find a home
for all of that stuff on top. Eventually
I will get my dear hubby to give me
an attic. Maybe an artist should live there.
The pic below is the top penthouse

Every good home has to start
somewhere. Nothing is wrong
with living in an apartment. Most of
us start there anyway. Besides the
total square footage of this place
is 378 inches! Prime real estate.
Have fun & play with your mini's!

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  1. Connie, so ein großes Haus hast du gleich zweimal!? Ich bewundere dich. Deine Craftland