Monday, April 12, 2010

CLOTHES - Baby Christening dress in a box

I had this little Baby Christening gown.
Am sure that the year was 1995.
Forgot who gave it to me or
if I bought it.
I decided that I wanted to hang it on
a dollhouse wall.
At that time I had a friend that
had a real one that was framed and
it hung on her wall.
It was very pretty.
I figured that I would try to frame
the little one that I had.
Well, needless to say, it does not
look like a nice frame.
After I made it and tried hanging it up
on my miniature dollhouse wall -
it was to big.
I do not think that it was supposed
to be that big.
To this date - I still have not taken
the little dress and bonnet out of
the frame.
I suppose I will someday.
But for now, this is what it looks
Thank you for stopping by!

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