Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!

A lady came and looked at the apartment.
Rented it immediately.

Her name is Bernice.

Bernice has moved in!
This is the entire apartment.

The left side of the room when you enter into
the apartment.
As you can see Bernice sits on her white
wicker chaise.
As of yet, no curtains.
Of course she doesn't need any, she being
so high up.
A lovely white fireplace is on the wall.
She contemplates about a mirror or a
painting to go above it.

One of her prized possessions is the lovely
glass piano.
It has been in her family for eons, she only
inherited it recently.
The piano was given to me in 1994 and I have
lovingly treasured it.
It feels great to finally have a home for it.
Behind the piano is the kitchen and a
little breakfast area.
The rug is a sweet doily.
Oops must paint the window and glue it in.
Still need kitchen cabinets above the
stove and refrigerator.

Someone is coming over, she has the
coffee cups ready.

The movers brought in her armoire and she
put her things inside.
Afterwards they moved it to the area where
she wanted it to go.

Her little vanity is in now.
She placed her hat pins in her hat
pin container and set it on top of
the vanity.
The movers will soon, place the
vanity where it needs to be.

Okay, the movers placed the vanity and
her armoire close to the door.
They brought in her vanity chair also.
She needs a cushion for it.

This is a porcelain salt shaker
with 3 holes in it.
I fell in love with the set back in 1994 and
had to buy them.
They are the perfect size.
Forgot where I bought the set from.
But for sure they did not cost much!

This is the pepper shaker with 2 holes.
The set is really lovely!

This is the bottom of the salt and pepper shakers.

I just used the pepper shaker to show you the
top of the shaker with the pretty design.

This salt and pepper shakers are the
nightstands that go to the bed.
I have placed 2 matching lamps on them.
The lamps need covering.
The red crochet cover was found at the thrift
store for 50 cents back in 2001.
It was a lucky find.

The shoe boxes beside the bed are old.
I made them back in 1995 and they are showing
their age now.
I painted a pair of Barbie shoes white and
placed it in the box that sits alone on
the floor.
The other 2 shoe boxes also have Barbie shoes
painted and placed inside of them.

The bed as it looks up against the windows.

A set of sheets await to be put on the mattress.
A dividing screen is there for looks but
does shield her bed and her dressing from the
4 windows.
Gives her a little bit of privacy.

The view to the piano by looking thru some

A pair of white panty hose hangs over the screen.
A purse hangs there also.

Bernice takes a nap in her chaise.
That's a lovely rug that it sets on.

Yep, she snoozes!
Movers left hours ago.

View thru the window from the breakfast table.
The front door has not been put in yet with
this picture but this was a good pic, so
I had to use it here.
I might need a kitchen runner here.

 The white wicker screen has been moved
closer to the front door.

 Looks better here.

The pic again take with the front door in place.
And the wicker screen is also shown.

I was able to get a better view this time.
Bernice is sitting up now.
Whoever was coming for coffee still has
not arrived.

The screen hides the shoe boxes and any other
mess that might be back there.

Peeking thru the windows again!

Thank you for stopping by!

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