Friday, January 28, 2011

Apartment Widow Sarah - Wallpapered and Floored

Located on the 3rd floor - this is the 
first apartment that I wallpapered and

Each of these apartments are of my own design.
It surely isn't easy trying to make each
apartment different and to make
everything fit in them.

Measurements for each apartment.
The width of each apartment is 16 inches deep.
That is going from the very back wall
to the front.
The length is 23.5 inches.
As you see in the
apartment that figure is going from the
left side window to the right side of the
I used scrapbook paper with a 
somewhat old looking design. 
Ooo I remembered to get a pic
of the front door!

Cloth floors look wooden and
are very convincing in looking 
like the real thing.
 This fabric was bought back in the 90s.
Easy to measure, cut and glue down.

I was looking for a different kind
of arrangement to this apartment.
For widow Sarah, this might
be the best place for now.
A corner cabinet was turned
into a sink. I like that angle.

I like the angle of the kitchen
as you enter. I need the space
to the left of the refrigerator
for her to sit at.
This kitchen set was part of
a larger set.
I turned the corner piece into a sink area
by cutting a big enough hole
in it to insert a little plastic butter
tub. You know those
little butters
that are in restaurants. You peel
back those little tinfoil wrappers
and dip out your butter. I
dont even
think that restaurants carry them
that small anymore.
The lace curtains are from an old
elongated doily that had holes.
It was still pretty and a had
a wonderful feel to it.
The bottom has little roses and
ate lightly gathered. The
doily had rounded edges.
Yes, clearly the lace curtains
have seen their better days.
This is the first thing that 
widow Sarah did when she moved
in. Her daughter Hannah will be
helping her.
Oops I need baseboards!

Door is ajar!
Who is there?

No one answered.

Still needs baseboards,
ceiling boards and window
Oh, the work this apartment needs!

Widow Sarah will not be buying
anything new for this apartment.
She had to move - too many
memories of her late husband.

Yea - you can see my
boo-boo's in the corner.
But thats alright because
this apartment building has
been around since the 1700s
Nothings straight or plum. In
fact the entire building has cracked.
It's had many owners and they keep
updating and renovating it.
Frankly the landlady is tired
of it all. Landlady needs
to make some
money from these apartments.
Good thing that the
pipes were enclosed years ago 
before she bought the place.

This is the back side of the apartment.
The lonely window that you see is
really faces the front. 
Right now it faces my wall.
Underneath all of those layers
of wallpaper are some boarded
up windows. I need to find all
of those trims so the landlady
can fix those windows & baseboards.
Heating & cooling gets expensive
you know. And the tenant that lives
here might not be able to pay for all
of those extra bills. The landlady better
hurry up!

Thank you for visiting me!

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