Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Berniece's empty apartment

This is Berniece's apartment before she
moved in. The landlady had some of the
workers to wallpaper the kitchen, breakfast
area & living room for Berniece. Really the
landlady wallpapered it because Berniece
refused to move in it as it was. She also
didnt like the old outdated appliances.
So the landlady figured that she should

replace them. So she did. All of this of course
is at Berniece's expense whether she knows
it or not.

The charm of the bedroom are
the plastered white walls. She
absolutely refused to let the landlady
wallpaper over that plaster. That was
the one feature that Berniece truly
loved about the apartment.

Berniece also loved all of that
old brick outside of her front door.
Since kno one lives on this side
she plans on leaving that door
open alot.

This used to be the kitchen in
this penthouse. Berniece is so
glad that this is now her bedroom.
The landlady offered to build in
a closet but Berniece had an armoire
that she didnt want to get rid of.
This was the perfect spot for it.
This made the landlady happy because
she didnt have to spend the money
to build a closet.

Alot of trimming still needs to
be done in this apartment.
The landlady will have the workers
to come back later to finish it.
This still pleased Berniece because
she was able to start moving in.

The new appliances have
arrived and are now ready to use.
Still needs some cabinets above
however the landlady said she
will get right on it.

Here is a nicer view of the
transitional apartment. The
workers even splashed on a coat
of paint on that yellowed fireplace.
It sure does shine now!
The workers still have plenty more
to do before its ship-shape. Berniece
is getting ready to move in. The
moving truck is parked outside
ready to bring in her furniture.
I hope you liked Berniece's
apartment. Thanks for stopping
by! conny

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