Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to my new MINI blog

After giving it much thought - I decided that it was
time to separate! No - not from my hubby silly but
from my Remake blog. LOL'S
I have been into mini's for at least 15 years. During
that time I have been through 3 dollhouses.
All which were very nice. One was bricked, one was
wood clapboard siding. My grandaughter has the
little one that was painted pink on the outside.
Later on I will post a picture of that little thing.
Its still cute - even though I need to fix a few
things on it. Anyway I gave away those other
dollhouses. Hopefully their owners loved them like
I did. But you know how it is - you outgrow things.
Well I outgrew every one of those dollhouses.
They just got to be too small for my needs.
Before we
left Oklahoma my dear hubby built me 2 large
five-story buildings. Each floor is an apartment. I am in the
process of fixing them up. It's about time!
Be sure to drop in & take a look at the
mini lives of the mini people that occupy these mini
apartments! Their names have been changed to
protect the innocent! Pictures
will be coming soon.
Thanks for stopping by

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