Friday, April 29, 2011

My 1700's Louisana Apartment Building

has finally been completely bricked. The part
that you see with the ladder is the front of the
dollhouse that was supposed to
face the wall and never to be seen. Well
now thats changed.  I had to turn the dollhouse
to get more light inside so you could see it.
That didnt do the trick - so I had to empty everything
out of the 5 floors in order to move it
in front of my bedroom window.
So this left me with that problem on how
to make the front look somewhat symetrical. My
answer to that came when I googled Louisana buildings.
It was just luck to see that some of their windows
were shuttered. So that got me to thinking. I have
decided to put window trim everywhere there
is suppose to be a window. I am then going
to glue shutters to the trim. None of the shutters will open.
This should solve that problem. I like the ladder
that is proped up against the dollhouse. However
I am not sure if it will work. It is a little thick. I am 
hoping that once I paint it and doctor it up that it
will work. A painter needs to be up there painting.
Oops! my steps are turned the wrong way. The
front door was painted brown & then white painted
on top. I am hoping that it kind of makess the door
look old.  The door opens just to reveal a small
entrry. You have to use your imagination of how
you rise to the other floors. The house is still not
finished. I need to paint a thin line of mortar between
the bricks and the stone-like bricks located at the
bottom of the dollhouse. I also need to put on
a roof.
 This is the side that opens. The windows
are symetrical until you reach the 4th & 5th
floors. The reason for that is because I wanted
all of the apartment buildings to be a little different
on the inside. I didnt want the kitchens to be in the
same place. That gets boring. So that middle window
originally held a kitchen beneath it. Now I think that
it gives the building some character. The top floor is
the Penthouse apartment.  
 At the top of this side I am going to need
to put a shuttered window.
Hopefully you like what I have done.
I'll show you the courtyard side soon.
by conny


  1. That's a huge house, very differnt and I like it, nice idea to have flats on each leve, allows you to so so much more.

  2. Thank you Marlene,
    Apartments give you the chance to characterize without getting stuck in a particular era. You can expand or change whenever the mood strikes you.