Tuesday, July 26, 2011

During my thrifting haunts

I came across this picture. Thinking that
it was paitned or something like that. I had to
stick my eyes up to the frame to see the design.
It never dawned on me that someone would actually
frame a dollhouse rug! The rug is bit - a full 8 X 12 inches.
Sorry about the blur! The colors are off also.
It is a navy blue color and kind of looks
oriental. Me thinks that I need to trim down the
fringe when I take it out of the frame.
Where I put it - well it will not be in this apartment

Hey - on my other blog - I am having a giveaway -
go sign up as a follower and leave me a comment
to let me know that you are interested in the item.

Also this is a good time to tell you that I am
going to be published in the 'American Miniaturist'
I am really so excited about it.  My dollhouse is
so big that it could be published at least 5 times.
Anyway I have been working really hard all of
these weeks trying to get it ready.  I just wanted
to say that I know it seems like I have been teasing
you with a little here and a little there. But thats
not what my intentions were. Its been hard trying
to juggle this blog and what to put on it - until my
publishing day is final. I will let you know as soon
as it goes to the press. The dollhouse magazine is
shooting for October for the witches apartment. Hopefully it
will be published
then as that is their 100th issue!

I also extend a big Welcome to all of my new followers!
Take a look around - hopefully there is something
that interests you.
by Conny


  1. great find Connie, I'm coming shopping with you, I never find any useful things in our charity shops ;o(((

  2. Enhorabuena por la publicacion, tu casita se lo merece.
    besitos ascension