Saturday, October 15, 2011


So many times I have looked at my
dollhouse and all of its photos. And I have just
realized that you havent seen the outside in its
semi-finished state. So here are some pics of
what the outside looks like now. I do hope that
these pics are not blurry. Please excuse the mess.
All of those boxes to the right of the dollhouse
contain furniture and accessories for the next
apartment building. The next time I post the pics
will be inside pics.
As you can see the dollhouse sits on a nightstand
that has a drawer and a door for storage.
I also have stuff -stuffed in there too!
Can you tell the heighth of the house. It surely
isn't little. I had to move the dollhouse in front
of my window to take pics to go into the magazine.
I love to take pics thru the windows and having
the dollhouse here limits taking pics all the way
around it.
The brick is brick paper. I found brick images that
I really liked on the internet. When I printed them out.
They looked great. The entire house is done with this
brick computer paper. Except for the bottom
where I found stone images. The stone images
go around the entire building also.
The steps that go into the front door and into
Permelia's apartment are wood stairs that
I cut apart, glued together and then glued on
the stone images. After everything was finished
I then mod-podged the entire outside.
The entire project was fast and easy to do.
 Here is the bottom half of the side. Permelia's
'Bewitching' apartment is on the bottom floor.
You must enter her apartment thru those
double doors. My purplecolor for her apartment
spawned from the little urn planter and the
resin wicker chairs. I did have intentions
of keeping these items in her courtyard.
But that has recently changed.I am going
more of a earthly feel for it.
 I am not sure if you wanted to see the front
side of the dollhouse. This is the top half.
As you can see there are not many windows
because this is suppose to be the side that
goes to the wall. Eventually I will put false
windows thruout this side.
 The lack of windows makes it boring.
The ladder I found at the thrift store.
I guess it belongs to some kind of a toy.
It sure is long. I do have plans of painting
many different colors on it so it looks used.
My plans are to put a man on there with
paint cans so it looks like he is painting the
trim on the top floor of this old building.
There is still much more work to be done.
 The front door was once painted white.
I painted some of it brown to give an old
feeling. I am not sure that it is working
yet to how I want the overall look to be.
Since I have based this apartment building
in Louisiana I think that its fitting to put
up some balconys. It is this side that should
be facing the street. That is why the steps do
not take up the entire brickway. Some of it
was meant to be a small sidewalk.
 This is the entrance into Permelia's apartment.
The wicker etagere' will be replaced once I find
something suitable to go into that little space. I
hope you like what you see so far.
Have a good day. Permelia's apartment is coming soon.
Many hugs, conny

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