Saturday, February 12, 2011

DOLLS - PORCELAIN - Dollar Tree Dolls

You see these little porcelain dolls!
I just
bought them from the Dollar Store.
They were only $1.00 each!
Such a good bargain!
And they are at that store NOW.
They have 8 different colors to
choose from.
Black hair, red hair,
red, purple dress or rose dress.
Here are the fronts of three dolls.
Their dresses are so cute.
Here is what the backs of their
little dresses look like.

My original intent for buying them
was for children, especially
since they looked like children.
I placed a ruler beside Emily and
a dollar tree doll.
It is hard to see the height withmy see-thru ruler. 
I made the porcelain doll 6 inches tall.
The little doll is 5 inches.

The little dolls are cute but I
do not believe were meant
to be miniature dollhouse dolls.
Plus their faces are much bigger
than my porcelain doll that I show here.
It is a possibility that these
dolls could be made into Christmas
tree ornaments. Even though I would
not need or use them for that purpose.

I will use the doll until it starts
to irritate me before I start
buying any little children.
Eventually I will keep their little
dresses to hang in a closet.

On the red
haired doll with the green dress, her hat
is glued on - just peel it off.
If you have
to cut some of the hair off - then do trim
as closely to the hat as possible.
Be careful, so you can reuse
this hair!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Connie: These are so cute, I love the dollar store.

  2. We have a pound shop here, but I never see bargins like this. I do not have dolls in my house or any of my projects.