Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little People

You see these little people! I just
bought them from the Dollar Store.
These dolls are only $1.00 each!
And they are at that store NOW.
They have 8 different colors to
choose from. Black hair, red hair,
red dress or rose dress. Here are
the fronts of three dolls.
Here is what their backs look like.
I placed a ruler beside Emily &
a dollar tree doll. But you cannot
see it very well. I made Emily
6 inches tall. The little doll is 5.
Even if you do not want any of
the dolls - their little dresses are
worth a dollar. You can hang their
little dresses on hangers & place
them inside of a closet. On the red
haired doll with the green dress, her hat
is glued on - just peel it off. If you have
to cut some of the hair off - then do so.
You can trim the hair off from the hat
as close as you can afterwards. By the way the
dress is glued on the doll - but after you
take it off - you can glue it back together.
I am going to take this red haired doll &
turn her into a young witch. On my next apartment
building - one of those apartments will be hers.
Are you having a good weekend - I hope so!


  1. Connie: These are so cute, I love the dollar store.

  2. We have a pound shop here, but I never see bargins like this. I do not have dolls in my house or any of my projects.