Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sam's new Mardi Gras costume

Sometimes you just cannot help it.
Especially if something blue just drops in your
lap - like this sparkly gown.
It is so pretty. Who was the the little
doll that wore this glittery thing. She sure was
skinny but tall. In order for Sam to wear
this I will certainly have to fix a few things.
Okay - the gown does not have any
straps but I intend on giving her some.
Also the gown is to long. Fortunately
whoever wore the gown tore the front
seam right up the front. That is fixable.
The little gown just fits the 5 inch
dolls so there isnt any need to sew
up more of the side seams. Thats a plus.
 Here is the back. It almost looks like
a mermaid outfit. Still all of this is easy
to fix.
 Meet Grace. Only in this pic is she
modeling the gown. It fits her hips
nice enough. When I cut off all of
that bulk at the bottom it will give me
excess fabric to play with. Good thing
that this doesnt have to be hemmed.
The boobie area isn't bad either.
 See no straps but I will remedy that
situation. Still looks like a mermaid.
 Here we go. I began by inserting a pin
jsut below her knee. This fabric is never
easy to sew with a needle and thread.
The best thing to do is to glue it so thats
what I did. I just used good ole tacky glue.
 After I glued it together then I cut
off the bottom of the dress to where. 
 I wanted it to be. For her
straps  I cut a tiny skinny strip from the
excess fabric that I cut
off. Then I glued the skinny straps to the
front and back of the bodice.
Now meet Storm.
She is modeling the finished
gown for Samantha.
 Here is the gown hanging on Sam's screen.
See the red furry stole. Sam will wear that
around her arms. Now all she needs is
matching red shoes with a red mask and
she is all set to go.
Doesnt the gown look smashing!
Samantha can hardly wait for Mardi Gras!
I hope you like what you see. It only took
at the most 10 minutes to fix it all. Now thats
what I call a fast craft!
Have a great day & thanks for visiting me!

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