Sunday, March 18, 2012

Come on over for some CAKE.

I do not know why the middle of my cake
sank in like that.
Maybe I pierced it too hard with
a toothpick! Hopefully by the end of this
posting I will have figured it out.
These are tiny STAMPS. No not the kind
that you put on an envelope.  Lol's.
These are
RUBBER STAMPS. Why do they call them
rubber. It is only because of the little piece on top.
The rest is foam.
The orange smiley face is not a stamp. Actually I
do not know what it is. But every once in a while
I come across these and I throw them away. Now
that I have found a use for them - I cannot find them
 The tops of these stamps fell
right off. Maybe these stamps are old.
However it made me 2 very nice cakes! They are
perfectly round! And they are just the right size.
 This is what I did. First I wrote a large X on the top
of one of the stamps.
 And I cut off a slice. Then I placed the stamp with
the X on top of the other one and marked it so I
could make both cakes with the same size slice.
Then I cut out the slice from the bottom cake.
 Secondly, I took the trusty toothpick and made holes
in each cake where I sliced off the pieces. This is to
give it some texture.
 Thirdly, I put alot of white glue on a small piece of
cardboard. I know it doesnt look like it - but there is
a lot of glue here. Then I mixed a little bit of white
paint in it and stirred it really good with the toothpick.
Now here is the tricky part. You have to let this glue
set a little. Check it every minute. If the glue is runny
then it is not ready yet. Wait a little longer stir it around
again with the toothpick, keep repeating
until the glue starts to harden some.
You do not want the glue mix to run off of your
cake. It could take up to 4 minutes for this glue to set.
Once it has set - then frost your cake.
 I put a lot of frosting between my cake layers.
I painted the top layer chocolate and I left the bottom
layer a pink to resemble strawberry.
I think in a few days I will paint the bottom strawberry
layer - chocolate like the top layer. I think the cake will
look better and not appear to have sunk in. It has
a lot of pecans on top. The pecans are tiny pieces of
cork. I will tell you my mistake. Apparently I put
too much of the glue frosting between the
layers on the one side. So it
appears that my cake has sank in. But its alright
not all cakes are perfect!
 Here is what the back of the cake looks like
in a mirror. Not too bad. I even put my leftover
glue frosting into a bowl with a spatual in it.
Time to clean up the mess after Daisy licks
the spoon.
Many hugs and kisses sent your way,


  1. Que gran idea,tus pasteles quedan muy reales!!!! Gracias por el consejo.

  2. The cake is wonderful and looks delicious! I'd like a piece, please. ;D

  3. Conny: It looks like a real cake great job.

  4. Your cake looks very tasty. Hmmmm I love cake.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. I love cakes. This is a delicious cake.
    Bye Faby

  6. Has hecho un fantastico trabajo, se ve muy real y deliciosa.
    besito sascension

  7. It's fun watching your process in making your mini cake. It looks delicious too! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer

  8. This is great Conny, I've never thought of using anything but fimo so thanks for the fab tip and tutorial
    Love Mins xxx