Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Making feather pillows is easy!
I made a pair of these and gave to Marlene
on our swap. 
I decided that I needed a pair of these!
I thought if I were going to
suffer thru making feather pillows
that I should make me a pair also.

I love feather pillows - don't you!

It is wonderful to see regular mini pillows
be made into feather pillows!

To make Pillows are rectangle in shape.
No need
for a  pattern - all you do is figure out what 
size you want or need.
Fold in half and stitch from the bottom 
to the other edge. 
Turn the pillow right side out.

To stuff with feathers - Be sure to cut some of
the feathers
because there needs to be
small and large pieces in there.
Stuff really hard!

A little hard to stuff - cause they want to
keep coming out!

Stuff a couple at a time!

  Watch   out  -  flying   feathers!

When finished turn under and sew across the

Zoom in -  to see  feathers peeking out 
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  1. I love mt feather pillows, they feel so good, thank you for making them xx

  2. Que buena idea, te han quedado genial.
    Me encantan las almohadas de plumas.
    besitos ascension

  3. I love feather pillows but never thought of making them in miniature! How clever of you and they look so comfortable for the little people.

    I have not changed to the new "blogger"--many bloggers have had problems with the new. I guess I may have to change at sometime.

    It could be a problem with Blogger, but I know you are following my blog, but I don't see it in your blog list! Strange!

    Anyway, I am glad to follow yours and glad you are following mine.


  4. estan hermosas tus almuaditas de verdad te felicito

  5. Another great idea! Well done, they look so comfy xxx