Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello Everyone!
Soon the first of the year 2013 will be here
and we will begin another chapter
of our lives.
I wish all of you the very best
that it has to offer!

My holidays has been full
with family and - after they leave I am
too sleepy to do anything.
Have you ever heard
of Rip Van Winkle - well that's me.
Just call me Mrs. Rip Van Winkle!
I would like to thank all of the new
followers that will accompany me on
this journey forward.
Planned are some
new stuff that I hope you will try and
will like.
Also there will be more Giveaways coming
in a few weeks from now so keep looking!
I have been working on the VAN BUREN
It has changed a lot!!
This is the Beginning Work.
I tore out all of the
electrical tape from every room in the house.
It was a BIG mess!
Take a look at the pics!

 I could not stand the 3rd floor stairs because I
could not see that front window.
My hubby tore it out.
The good
thing is - is that it did not tear up the floor!
I had to saw out the
black door (you see it on the table).
This piece was located
at the very top of the house.
This miniature dollhouse wood is very dried out!

I used my flashlight to look in the doors under the stairs
and nooks and cranny's.
 This picture was found face down behind the second floor
staircase deep down in the crooked step.
It fell out
when I hit the house a couple of times.
These girls are so cute!
These sisters must have owned the dollhouse!
Maybe they are all grown up now.
I don't know?
There is not a date or any
names on the back of the photo.
I hope they see this
posting so I could give the picture back to them.
Love you all,
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Conny: What a great house did you have this in storage? I know it will be beautiful when you finish.
    Happy Newyear

  2. Hi Conny, what a big job you have ahead of you... But so exciting to see the little house evolve into its new glory when it's finally finished! I had to have a double take at the photo of the two little girls for a moment there... I actually thought the older one was the little girl actress from the movie 'My Girl' hahaha!! Surely not!! Who knows... Maybe this little house belonged to the young actress in her younger days? I had another look, I don't think it's her, but the resemblance is there!
    Hugs, Mins xxx

  3. Hey Mins!
    I know exactly what you mean. I stared at the photo of the older girl for quite a while but I could not place where I had seen her. It is possible that it is her. I wonder what she would be doing living here in this little place - if it is her?
    Many hugs and kisses, Conny

  4. Looks like a lot of work!!
    Happy new year to you and your family!

  5. Hello Conny, Happy New Year! Is very beautiful and fascinating dollhouse kept a secret, it's great might be the beginning of a story for a children's adventure book.

    Many hugs and kisses
    Marisa by Minilys

  6. The house is so beautiful, Conny! I believe this work will be wonderful. ;)
    Happy 2013! That many good things happen.
    A big hug my sweet friend.

  7. I think the dolls house is great but I like the fact there is a story you don't yet know linked to it. x

  8. How wonderful it could be if you found out who the two girls in the photo are and be able to show them what the house looks like when you finish upgrading it. I am sure it will be a stunning house.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. This house is wonderful. I'm looking forward to see the next steps, Conny. That you found this photo is very funny.
    Hugs from Craftland