Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello Everyone!!
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As you can see - this quilt is really scrappy!!
I did not concern myself with any
kind of normalcy with the blocks.
They are haphazardly put together.

This mini strip quilt is reversible.
It turned out so cute and scrappy!
This quilt only has 2 rows of
mini blocks with 2 extras for a pillow.
It is machine quilted
with no batting.
I have been known
to use a DOWNY SHEET if I wanted batting.
It is thin and smells wonderful!!
But for these little quilts - I did not put any
batting inside. 


First - 
cut a small center square any size
 or color you want.
If you notice each block - around each little square,
there are 4 light or dark triangles that surround
that center square.
Then another round of  triangles surround that row. 

Take a strip and sew to the center square. Cut off
the strip to any size you want. Then shape
that block by cutting it into a triangle.
Repeat to the other 3 sides.
Repeat for the last row of triangles.
Make 12 blocks and sew 10 of them together.
(Leave the last 2 for a roll pillow).
Cut 2 wide strips any size you want and sew
on either side of the 2 rows of blocks.
Sew 2 more strips to the other side of those.
This gives you the width. 
For the roll pillow - stitch 2 together and sew on a
little strip to each side to make the pillow wide.
This bed is small so the mini quilts are not big.
All of them are only 6 inches by 6 inches.
See how the blocks do not match up.
So cute!
I like it!!
This quilt is reversible - so here is the back.
In quilting this is called a string block.
It is mini strips merely sewed together on the
I love string blocks!!
This is the back of the quilt placed on the bed already.
So cute!!!
For the pillow - I used a another strip for the backing.
Sew the pillow together like a pillowcase.
Stuff full with cotton balls and stitch up the side.
This is a really scrappy mini quilt!!!
Use what you have.
Even a big patterned fabric will look small once
you cut it into real small strips.

 Finish edges -
Place the quilts together and pin in place.
Turn all the raw edges to the inside of the quilt.
Machine-stitch close to the edges all 
around the quilt to close.

To Quilt -
Look at the front and the back of the quilt to see where
the machine-stitching goes.
I did not machine-stitch the center at all,
but you can if you wish.

Sarah kicked the mini strip quilt off of the bed.
She got too hot!!
Thank you for visiting me!


  1. Your quilts are so exquisite. I love them, they are so well done. x

  2. Your quilted bedspreads are so very wonderful, I would like to try one day. I think it is a big patient work. You must be very patient

  3. Your quilts are amazing.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. I love your quilts they are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria