Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello Everyone!!
Hope all is well. Thank you
for your sweet comments. They
are greatly appreciated.
The next giveaway will be a little
late because of Thanksgiving.
This mini strip quilt is reversible. it turned out
so cute and scrappy! I only made 2 rows of
mini blocks with 2 extras for a pillow. It is
machine quilted with no batting. None of these
little quilts have batting. I have been known
to use a DOWNY SHEET if I wanted batting.
It is thin and smells wonderful!!
I hope you can see the little pillow better in
this photo.
This bed is small so the mini quilts are not big.
All of them are only 6 inches by 6 inches.
See how the blocks do not match up. So cute!
This quilt is reversible. This is the back. It is
mini strips! In quilting it is called a string block.
You can see the machine quilting stitches. Note that
I did not put any stitches in the little blocks. This is
the back of the pillow
This is a scrappy mini quilt. Use what you have.
Even a big patterned fabric will look small once
you cut it into small strips.
Sarah kicked the mini strip quilt off of the bed.
She got too hot!!
I still use the mat and the rotary cutter. A few more
little strips added to the little awkward blocks. And a
few more strips added to the sides makes this little
mini make-do quilt fast and easy.
I sure do hope that you try these little make-do quilts.
They are not meant to be perfect. This adds to
their charm!
Thanks for visiting me!


  1. Your quilts are so exquisite. I love them, they are so well done. x

  2. Your quilted bedspreads are so very wonderful, I would like to try one day. I think it is a big patient work. You must be very patient

  3. Your quilts are amazing.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. I love your quilts they are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria