Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daisy's Wig

I dont know how this happened. But when
I took off Daisy's hair it remained in that
position. It looked so cool that I thought
I should display it on top of her vanity.
I was thinking about painting the entire
face and head white but these days what I
think and what I actually do are 2 different
things in my head. One minute I would like
to have it in a white color and the next minute
I like the face. So many decisions to make.
Maybe I should take another head and paint
it white to see if I will like it.
 I still cannot believe that I have
an entire wig!
 This is what the inside looks like.
 To give the wig a good base I pulled out all
of the hair that belonged to this little miniature
doll head. I apologize for some of these
blurry pics.
 The doll head had a little stick that was
stuck to the end of it. So all I did was stick
it into a piece of cork and then glue on flat
pale pink ribbon.
by conny

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