Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TUTORIAL - Make 9 Mini Books made in less than 10 minutes!

Hello everyone!
Thank you so
much for your sweet comments.
I have been so busy lately that I have
hardly had time to sit down.
At least it feels like that!
I do not think that anyone has came up with
this idea yet - so I wanted to show you how
to make some books real quickly - that is
if you need them in a hurry!!
In other words - Conny's books!
Yes - these are made in 10 minutes or less!
These books have scrapbook papers for their
skins. I have not embellished them, however you
can do that anyway that you like. These little books
work up very fast - so make lots of them to fill
your bookcase!!
Get your supplies ready. All you need is glue and
some paper or fabric. Also need some cutting
 This is one of those paper legal pads that is stapled
at the top. Do you see those staples!
All of the paper has been used on mine. This
is when I make books.
Do you see these books!!
They will have blank white pages.
Glue pictures on the
pages if you want to when you finish.
Tear or cut off the cardboard back and this is what
you are left with - BOOKS!
Take a ruler and mark off the sizes that you want.
Be wary of the staples. Try to work around them.
I did not worry about the staples.
I cut for 10 books and one tore up.
No biggy - I am still left with 9 of them.
Do not stress yourself with they way they
Straighten them up the best that you can.
Also be careful because some of the
pages might fall out, if so then
just glue those pages back
into the spine of the book.
Concern yourself with the pages.
The fronts and back will be covered. So some of
 the mess will never be seen.
The book sizes are 0.5 inch
to 1 inch.
Cut the sizes you prefer.
Then clean the pages up a little!
Do you see the spines!
Everyone has made books before - so this is where
you can do your own thing.
Cover the little books anyway you want to.
 Take a small piece of scrapbook paper or anything
that you want to use and cut the correct width.
But do cut it longer.
Butter it up - baby!!
Press the paper down firmly on the outside.
Be sure to fold the left over paper to the inside of
the front and the back of the book.
Then press one of the pages down
on top of the flap.
This gives a more professional look.
Then trim off anything that sticks out.
Clean up the little book again if need be.
This book was covered in scrapbook paper that
looked like a real book. I will not worry about
the way the pages look here.
I want them to look
ragged - so it looks well used.
Maybe I will apply some gold paint to the page ends.
A couple of your books could have a staple in them.
No biggy!
Some of these little books will not
even be opened.
If you do not want these staples
just make sure that the book is well adhered to the
spine before taking the staple out.
I hope you enjoy the way that I make mini books!
Thank you for visiting me!
Mini smiles and hugs sent your way!


  1. Thanks for showing, I'm making some magazine, now I'm inspired. I think it's a little difficult to make these magazines and books. Now I will try again.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Bye, Faby

  3. thanks for the tutorial, I will give this a try :)


  4. Te han quedado geniales!!

  5. Wonderful idea thank you for sharing. Your books look great.
    Hugs Maria

  6. cool! I did something similar with a small yellow pages book so I have a lot of yellow pages to give away just like they were! I will have to try this too great idea!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, it's a great idea!!

  8. This is a great idea. Can't wait to try it.

  9. Un' ottima idea e grazie per il tutorial!
    Un caro saluto.Manu

  10. Slim om zo boekjes te maken

    groetjes willy

  11. Thanks for sharing, I have to keep my eyes open for notepads like that =)

  12. Hi Conny,
    I found your blog through Maria (Pretty Things Ireland). What a great idea for books. I will have to try it sometime. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to following your blog.