Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Curtains and books and lamp

Hello everyone.
Welcome to my blog
and Thank you for the sweet
comments that you give to me.
Apartment #12 is coming along nicely.
The sewing hooks work really good as shabby chic
curtain holders. I did not paint the dowel so it would
match with the floor.
On this picture you can see where I put the kitchen.
The shelf that I had made earlier has been attached
to the wall with tacky wax. I added 4 little doorknobs
to the front. As of yet, it has not crossed my mind what I will
hang on them.
The Bay Window is ready to be glued to the
outside wall. I made these 6 books from the idea
that I showed to you. Then I covered them in thin white
I did not like the plastic look of the shade so I covered
it in a small piece of cotton lace. This lace is the
same lace as the long curtains and the valance. 
I took a clear bubble bead and glued it to the
inside of the lamp. It looks like a fat light bulb.
The books lend themselves well for the thin
linen fabric. This is just one side. These books are so
I like the look of these books. The pages kind
of looked like they were painted.
Thank you so much for visiting me.
Take care!


  1. me gusta como han quedado esas cortinas y la ventanta es preciosa


    Mar i

  2. it's so romantic looking, I like it very much :)


  3. Great idea for curtain holders! =) Everything looks great!

  4. Conny: Love the look, the hook and eye that you used to hang the rod on is a super duper great idea, the lamp shade is adorable.
    Love it.


  5. Que bonitas te han quedado las cortinas!!! El mirador con la repisa y ese lindo encaje es fabuloso!!!
    Los libros de lino son adorables!!