Friday, August 12, 2016

Apartment #4 - Amanda Grace's Brides

Hello Everyone!!
How are you doing!

As I have said the pics of this
apartment are MANY!!

Amanda Grace sews for ladies!


Here is a lady that I have had for eons!
I made her back in 1996.
This doll that you are about to meet, was
made from one of those cheap little kits with
black shoes, with the hair that is molded on.

Her wig is just a lot of curls lightly glued
to her head. I kept overlapping curls upon
curls on top of each other and let only some
of it hang down in the front.

Olivia's dress was simple to make.
After this apartment has been
shown, I will give a tutorial
on how to make the gown and
the veils.

 This is the back of Olivia's gown
and her lace hat.

I will also give you a tutorial on this Bridal Veil. You
will not believe how easy this was. You know I find
ways to cheat sewing.
Here is Olivia in the sewing apartment. (the furniture
has been moved aside so you can see the ladies better).
I like all kinds of dolls - the doll on the right is a
Dawn doll. She is a red head and you will meet her
in a few.
Olivia has tried on her bridal veil that I made. She
feels gorgeous and looks stunning!!!

This is the back of what the veil looks like. There
are many ways that you can make this veil. Olivia
wanted her style like this to mimic Jackie
Onassis hat.

The cap is just simply laid on top of her head. I have
not pinned it on or anything.

This shows what Olivia looks like in the mirror
with her cap style veil on.

I named her this because of her red hair.
In the 3rd picture above Ginger is
behind Olivia waiting her turn at the
mirror. Ginger is wearing a simple
leopard dress that I made her.
She is looking at a simple wedding dress.
She is wearing a veil made a little
different at the top and plus the veil
is not as long as Olivia's.

This is the back of Ginger's bridal veil.

She is also another Dawn type doll.
She has bangs on her forehead but the
rest of her hair is simply rubber-band
on top of her head and I have allowed
the hair to fall down on top of her head.
Just finger move the hair around until
you like the way it looks. You could
lightly hair spray it in place if you want.
Sharon is trying on the same bridal veil
as Olivia Evans is.
No need to worry cause Amanda Grace
can make these up with ease!
Sharon does not have her bridal gown on
on. Oops!

Again, here is the back of the bridal veil.
It looks different with each doll, even though
they are the same veils!

Here is the simple hat. So lovely that it does
not need any decoration!
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the brides.
Only one of them will be displayed in the
Thank you for visiting me!

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