Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - Meet Granny!

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your sweet comments!
I want you all to know that I do visit your
blogs and enjoy them so much!!

Have any of you all been getting sick! Well I went
and did it. I caught that nasty mess that is going
around! Everyone in my house got sick except
for my daughter.
Please try not to catch this stuff. I have lost 4
pounds just from being sick. And I am still

Okay, this apartment is being viewed by a
lady that needs a place to live.
Her name is Rose Marie Thomas. I am
pretty sure that you are going to like
Most people just call her Granny.
This is what Granny looks like
when you buy her.
But her face is so darling! I am still
puzzled as to what that thing is on top of her
Her hair is uneven. Her clothes are not
But you cannot beat the price for her!
Many years ago I bought her for
about $6.00. I did not look to see
if she still sells that low??
Go take a look.
Granny looks much better now!!
I removed that thing from her
hat - that was the first to get
tossed! In its place was a
pink rose that I glued on.
My daughter sewed in beads.
Can you see them? She did
a very nice job! Thank You
I removed that tan colored
shawl that she had on and
replaced it with my own version
of a vest with a new longer
red shawl with fringes. I
bought the red fringed shawl
from just_jas on eBay. She
makes lovely miniature
dollhouse crocheted bedding
in silks/bamboo along with afghans.
They are SUPER-SOFT!!!
If you want/need something
special just ask her! I buy
everything I want here with
her. She is super nice!!!
Check her out here!!! Just
copy and paste it on eBay.

I gave her a simple slip that has
Cluny lace all around its
base.  I hiked up her dress on the
sides and roses are placed there.
There is black button on her
vest and another black button
sewed at the back of her skirt.

Say hello to Granny!!!
Around her neck she carries a cameo that used
to be her Mothers. The necklace is made to be
this long so that it does not hide the red belt.
Again Thank you Pep for fixing the necklace
for me!!
BY THE WAY - there will be 2 TUTORIALS
with this apartment. One will be how to make
this 2 MINUTE VEST!!!! And the other Tutorial
is a surprise!!
I hope you like the new Granny!!
Granny went by a Realtor the other day looking
for a new apartment cause the other apartment
was not in a convenient place anymore. She
now needs to be closer to food stores so she
can go and buy her food and anything else
she may need.
The realtor told her about this apartment. Also
told her not to be alarmed, cause they were
renovating this apartment. He said, 'The doors
are open. Look around. If you like the place,
come back and put a deposit on the place
before someone beats you to it.'
So here is Granny!
Granny has just stepped inside the apartment.
The door was unlocked.
She is looking around, 'Oh my, this is a small
apartment. But it is a little bigger then where
I am living now.'
Granny walked over to look at the shower. She
noticed that it did not belong here, but where
does it belong?? She thought, this is new.
That made her happy to have new things.
She then walked over to the sink. Not bad she said
aloud. After all no one would hear her talk to herself.
It is clean.
'Oh my, the window is not here! I hope they put
it in soon'.
Granny decided to look at the toilet.
'This is very nice and a new one'.
'The sink is not bad either. This is a new
Then Granny saw that ugly mirror.
'Oh dear'. she exclaimed. 'That is the
ugliest mirror I have ever seen in my
life, and it is so nasty. I will have to
tell the realtor that I want a new one'.
Granny looked around a little more
and decided to go back and see the
She needed to put down her deposit
to secure the apartment would be
Granny told me to tell you, 'I hope to
see you soon in my new apartment'!

Is the wallpaper too romantic for a
Granny? I am sure that she loves
those roses!

I hope you enjoyed Granny. She is thinking
of all of you. And she is waiting for me
to hurry up with her apartment.
I can only go so fast.

Thank you for visiting me!


  1. Hi Conny: Granny looks so sweet, love her, her apartment bathroom looks lovely, I see she I visiting to make sure the construction workers are doing their job properly.


  2. Me gusta el cambio que has dado a la abuela. Esta mucho mas guapa y elegante.

  3. Marvelous change of clothes for granny. I hope she chooses this apartment to live in. I'd love to see your new tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. esa abuelita ha mejorado mucho su aspecto con sus cambios, y creo que le gustara mucho ese apartamento en cuanto este terminado y pueda mudarse a el



  5. The new clothes for granny are perfect and the apartment is cozy.

  6. La abuelita está mucho más guapa ahora!!! y en cuanto tenga su nuevo apartamento,se sentirá aún más feliz!!!

  7. please Hurry with Grannys apartment she needs a new bed too

    Marisa :)