Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - White corset and added a few things

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all are well.
Been so busy!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
Also wanted to say welcome to my 2 new
I hope you like my blog.

Am posting just a small update
to Granny's apartment.
I was dusting some of Granny's apartment, and
I noticed what felt like a piece of soft
Realized that it was a dead spider!!
However, it does not look like it is a spider??
Must have been there for a while
since my last posting on this apartment!
I wonder how it died?
Do spiders not live long?
Perhaps he/she found out that there
weren't any bugs in this apartment.
Hate to think that I starved a spider!!
Anyway decided that I should dust her
I placed her nightgown and robe on the bed.
It kept falling down on account of the hanger is
too small.
Either I replace the hanger or hang something
else up in its place.
Not decided yet.

Found a newspaper and a little box of cigars
among my things, so I thought that I
would place them among Granny's things.
In memory of her deceased hubby!
I re-arranged the picture frames some too.

A little bit of sunlight coming in thru
her window.

I kept the clock.
Just put it on top of the refrigerator until I
locate a better place for it.
I still need some pics on this side of the room.
I have some somewhere, must find them.

 I had to show you the fat doll pincushion
that I bought.
She was not expensive and no one else
even looked at her.
She has a place of honor here.

I took a closer pic for you.
Isn't she gorgeous!
The lady that I bought it from, said
that she thought that this was made
by Ethel Hicks.
Cause the doll looks like her dolls
made by this artist.
She does not have a certificate.

Here is Granny again!
She needs to wash this corset and does not
know where to hang it up to dry at.
Her blue set has been washed again and is
drying already.
Her favorite set is the blue one!
I was looking thru my stuff again and came
across another corset made by the same
I am sure that there are other pieces that
went with this corset, but I
did not find them.
Perhaps the spider ran away with them!

Sweet, sweet Granny!
I moved some things so you could
see the corset better.
Love that rose!

Oh, she does not know what to
After she washes and dries it, then
she must find a place to store it.
Perfect place is under the bed.
Of course she needs to make some
under the bed storage boxes.

Lovely, lovely corset!!!
I will dirty this corset up also with the
blue set.
A side view!

The back.

The other side!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love granny´s apartment. It has so much character. It´s amazing how a place is never finished, we keep adding an rearranging things but that´s the fun of it! Poor Mrs spider, I think they don´t live longer, so don´t feel bad :) I also love your cushion doll ad that corset is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you but you are right, a place/scene is never done. Changing things around is the fun of it, to see it in a new light. To be dead that spider was super soft!! Stumped me at first. Lovely corset from the maker. Hehehe

  2. Granny's apartment is bright and cheerful and very feminine. I love her arrangement of the pictures on her wall and the box of sentimental cigars she is still holding on to.
    The fact that she takes in sewing, and can make these Beautiful corsets is a testimony to her amazing skills- so no doubt she caters to a regular clientele for their alterations and repairs.
    The tiny pincushion doll is Wonderful! Obviously, you were there at the right place at the right time, and since no one else even looked at the pincushion doll, she was patiently waiting for You and for Granny! :D

    1. Granny is a sentimental lady and cannot put her hubby too far behind her. So she brings a piece of him everywhere she moves. Yes, she takes in sewing to supplement her income.
      I love sewing paraphernalia especially pincushions. You are right I think that the doll was meant for Granny to own. Hehehe

  3. Granny's apartment looks great and full of wonderful items. I love the pin cushion. It looks like a cute, fat little Tilda doll.
    About the spider, may he rest in peace, finding it dead is far better than alive. The corset is very beautiful.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hello Drora, thank you. I do not own a Tilda doll but have seen them around. I like them! It would be nice to have a fat one in one of my dollhouses. You are so right - better to have found him dead than alive. He might would have tried to fight me - never know! The corset is lovely and fits Granny. Hehehehe

  4. ¡Pobre araña, con lo acogedor que es el apartamento!. Muy bonito el corsé.

    1. I did feel bad about the spider thinking that he thought this apartment would offer up some food for him. I did not find a web, so perhaps he drifted in and was so weak that he could not drift out again. Thank you, I love the corset too.