Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - New Arrangement

Hello Everyone!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments.
They are greatly appreciated. 


I have played around and came up with this.
Not sure that this is going to stay either.
I want to be able to see everything as much as I can.
I don't think that this fits the bill of what I am
looking for.
However it is cute and could give be a floorplan
for someone to use.

With this arrangement you can see the front
door which is good.
You cannot see what is behind the kitchen.

The kitchen has possibilities as it lays, perhaps
even some room for a tiny table but this tenant
does not need a table as sometimes she does not
eat her at all for days.
You cannot hardly see the bedroom, and I think
that everyone would love to see a bedroom
Please take note that the bedroom closet does
move around in the photos.

It is hard to see what is behind the kitchen.
This apartment does not need a nice living room
so to speak.
So I have made it a dressing area with just 2
chairs for company to sit on.
This is the vanity table that will be going in
here and there is the closet that I moved 
out of the bedroom.
I ended up moving it back there to give 
more room for a dressing space.

Here is the jewelry chest.
Back here as you can see.
As you can see I placed it in this room.
It is unfinished and will be finished once I know
who will keep it.

Lucille is once again occupying the
space, although she will not be
living here when the apartment is said and done.
Directly behind the kitchen is 2 chairs and a
Oooo someone is drinking  Pink wine!!!

Here is a view from the bedroom window. 
Someone is already  conversing with Lucille!
And perhaps drinking that glass of Pink wine
that is on the side table!

Not much going on here.
Lucille is still getting ready to go somewhere.
Perhaps she doesn't even know!!

Here is the view from the window.
Not bad but still not what I am looking for!!

This time the kitchen has moved again!!!
So, all of these pics are with this layout.
I turned the kitchen so that it faces
the bathroom door and the bedroom.
To the left of the refrigerator, is the front
It looks like a lot of space is behind
the kitchen when you view it like this.

I put the vanity behind the kitchen.
Perhaps a wall is needed but I kind of like
the openness but this is not practical.
And does not look like a real apartment.
I did devote a lot of room to the dressing area,
but it is not with the bedroom area, and that
is not good, I feel.
But not enough room to put it all in the bedroom.

 As you can see it is a cute arrangement.
I have added another doll here, another friend
to Lucille. 

Wasted space is what I call it, and I have no
clue as to what to put in this space.

This tiny space which is where I put her dressing are
previously has now become a little sitting area with
a chaise.
Not good either - cause who is drinking!!!

The last picture showing some of the space.
I do not think that I will keep this arrangement

Thank you for stopping by to see this apartment
as I hope for it to come together.
It is fun arranging and disarranging all of the pieces.


  1. Está bien cambiar las cosas de sitio,ver nuevos enclaves,así,seguro que encontrarás la forma definitiva de distribución!

    1. Thank you Pilar, it is hard trying different avenues, but the ideas keep coming. I feel that what I am looking for will come.
      Mini huggs,

  2. It's fun to rearrange things, I think. And again, I love the walls in the other room too.

    1. It is fun to rearrange furniture and walls. I have enjoyed it. I am hoping that this will be the last time for this Penthouse.
      The other walls are pictures that I found of a plastered wall. It goes well with the pink.
      Thank you,

  3. A perfect decor for this small apartment.

    1. Thank you Fabiola, am hoping that this apartment will not take too long.

  4. In the end you'll find a place for everything which will satisfy you.
    The kitchen looks nice and modern. Maybe you can add the sitting area in front of it.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. I feel that I am getting close to finding a solution. There are 2 chairs in front of the kitchen with a small table with lamp on it between them. It doesn't seem to speak to me. I think my problem is that I have never lived in a Penthouse! Hehehehe
      Thank you,

  5. If you could turn the kitchen sideways, you may still be able to have nice flow through both rooms but also see each of them better. The fridge closest to the viewer, then sink, then stove? Worth a try anyway! Good luck!

  6. I tried turning the kitchen facing the windows, the flow was much better, but it could not be a sitting dressing area. I did like how it gave a little hall behind the kitchen once it was turned. That was sweet!
    Thank you,

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