Saturday, September 12, 2020


 Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile, have been so busy. 
Sorry about that. 
Hope all have been well. 

Gee, I didn't expect the change in the
design in the posting feature.
I guess it is better, hope I can get used to it.

I told Detta  of 'Detta's Darling Dolls' ,
that I wanted a witch coming out
of a mirror.
BTW - Detta is on ebay. 
All you need do is type in clay witches, or witches and most
of the time her store comes up. 
Or you can do a search on her, somehow
her site will pop up!
They are very reasonably priced and she
will try to make a doll to your liking.

Meet Agnetta!
She is a very secretive witch.
Although you will only see a small part
of her secret room, know that her house is 
much bigger than this.
However her house and secret room are
all hidden away from people. 
Her room is hidden away in a berm of a
hillside, no one knows she exists there.

You must watch out for Agnetta cause she has
a hidden agenda - SHE STEALS!!!
That's right - she goes around the countryside
and anything she sees worth saving or having,
then she takes it when you are not looking!!
She takes it back to her secret room and then
hides it away from everyone. 

Hope you like Agnetta and her secret room!
RARE PHOTO of Agnetta on the prowl again. 
OH NO!! Has Agnetta's secret room
been found!!!
I hope not.

Someone is trying to find the thief
that steals from everyone.
OOOoo get a good look at her face people.

Agnetta leaving the safety of her 
hidden room.

A side and back view of the moss covered
You cannot tell that there is a secret window
here covered with moss.
I can get inside to move things around
if I want to.

Another view of the moss glued to the box.
Had to leave a space for the lid to go
back on.

Remember the hole in the roof that
I cut out.
A Halloween LED tealight fits inside.
Did not glue in the light and it fits
Hid it with moss.

Towards the front of the box.

We must hurry before Agnetta comes
She will not like it that we discovered
her hidden room.

Lets get an over-all view of the things
that she has stolen.
She stole everything including the light!!
She stole the desk area and bookshelves.
Of course I do not know how she got
the desk  or the bookshelves 
on her broom!!!
But, witches can be resourceful. 
Can't they?

There is some art work on the top shelf
that was painted by a famous artist.
3 large empty colorful bottles 
stolen from a famous wizard.
We have all heard of his name.
The word has it - that they were
stolen from Merlin before he died!!
Oh my - that is horrible!!

The small box with the haunted house
on it was stolen also. 
Inside there is a crystal ball hidden 
Ancient scrolls on the shelf beneath.

A skeleton box with its skeleton key.
I wonder what that belongs to.
A box of skeleton bones beneath the desk.
The window is to the right.
It is that large black space you see on the right
side of the wall.  

She stole the clock from a time traveler!!!
She stole the sign warning everyone that it is too 
late - you have been seen. 
Numerous books she has stolen.
I made all of the books that are displayed in the room.

OOoo she even hit the fairies!!!
She stole their secret potions. 
They are so heavy as well are the books that
they broke the shelf.
I hope the shelf does not fall down from the
Empty shelves show there is plenty of room
left to store more things she steals.

I tried roughing up the floor so it looks a little worn.

Some more books that Agnetta stole
that were previously twice stolen
before she stole them!
She stole that 'spell' page too!
And a hat!!!

Yes, as you see here -  she stole 
Harry Potters Sorting Hat!!!!
Oh my is there anything that Agnetta
will not steal? I guess not. 
Btw - Detta made me the sorting hat 
from nice leather.
Amazing what she can do! 

Here is the light on. 
So cool to have lights!!

Oh my!!! Agnetta is getting ready to go
out again.
It is a good day to go out.
See the skies above her head.
The sorting hat is telling her not to
'Don't do it' he says!!!
Will she listen? I doubt it!

Hehehehe I love Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed Agnetta and her
secret room!
Thank you visiting me.
Come back soon!


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