Sunday, May 30, 2010

ROOMBOX - Bought at an Estate sale - Country Store

This was a good find!
And an unexpected one.
My daughter Pep, Lynda
and myself decided to go out
We came across an estate sale.
I had never been to one before,
so we decided to stop in.
The house was beautiful!!
It was packed with so many
cars in the yard and so
many people were inside looking
over the lovely things.
I walked into the dining room and
admired the lovely linens.
They were definitely too rich for
my blood!
And as I looked around the room, there
in a corner laid this wooden
It was on the floor.
The price tag said $30.00.
I was so thrilled to find some
Not long after I found it,
we decided it was time to leave.
It was clear that there was more thrifting
to be done!
This is what I bought.
The bookcase on the left side held foods,
pots and few plates.
Lots of goodies here!
I do not understand why the Checkers box
was stuck with tacky wax high on the wall.
A low lying bench that held fruits and food.
All of the dolls are resin.
The bookcase held lots of stuff.

I like the large mirror!
I want to find a use for that
but not necessarily for a store.
I want to use it for something
else, just do not know what
The little stove was to the right of
the store lady.
She shelf is on the mirror.
The broom and mop were to the right
of the last bookcase.
The other items were over
by the potatoes and onions.
 Here is the gent that was sitting beside
the black stove reading his paper.
Apparently the store was his favorite
morning haunts!
I just now realized that I forgot to take pics
of where the stove and this man were located
Reason being was because I had to remove them
in order to take the pics further in.
Thanks for stopping by!

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